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  • Blueclinical Expands Business with Viedoc to Accelerate Bioequivalence and Early-Stage Clinical Studies

Blueclinical Expands Business with Viedoc to Accelerate Bioequivalence and Early-Stage Clinical Studies

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Viedoc is expanding its partnership with Portuguese clinical research organization Blueclinical to help facilitate more efficient drug development. Blueclinical will increase its use of Viedoc as part of its service offering and will double the number of studies from current 15 to 30 performed with Viedoc. The contract period for the new deal is for three years.

John Overend, Viedoc Sales and Marketing Manager

“We’re excited to expand our partnership with Viedoc to support our clinical research. Blueclinical has used Viedoc for many years and together we will continue helping sponsors to deliver more efficient and effective trials,” says Luis Almeida, CEO of Blueclinical.

“Blueclinical has been with us for more than five years and we are delighted to see that our long term strategy with our customers is appreciated and are of course happy that Blueclinical are increasing their business with us”, says Viedoc Sales and Marketing Manager, John Overend.

About Blueclinical
Blueclinical is a privately owned independent full-service CRO focused on bioequivalence and early-stage clinical studies in healthy subjects and patients, translational medicine consultancy and site management. Blueclinical’s own Clinical Pharmacology Unit is in Porto, Portugal. Their 61-bed clinical ward benefits from its hospital location for access to logistic services and emergency support.

For more information, please contact:
John Overend, Sales and Marketing Manager Viedoc, john.overend@viedoc.com
Henrik Blombergsson, Co-founder & COO Viedoc, henrik.blombergsson@viedoc.com

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