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  • Trust, service and reliability – Here’s why Oslo University Hospital signed a 10-year EDC deal

Trust, service and reliability – Here’s why Oslo University Hospital signed a 10-year EDC deal

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For Oslo University Hospital it was a matter of trust, service and quality that helped them sign a 10-year deal with Viedoc.

– We’ve been working with Viedoc for four years, and it was an obvious choice to extend our partnership. Auditing and evaluating a new EDC system is an extensive process, especially for us as a public institution. Now we know that we’ll have access to a high-quality EDC system that we’re used to working with for a long time to come, says Cecilie Moe, Manager Data Management Section, Oslo University Hospital.

So far, Oslo University Hospital has performed over 50 studies with more than 1,300 participants in Viedoc. With the newly signed 10-year deal, they will continue using Viedoc for a long time to come.

– Viedoc exceeds all our needs when it comes to EDC and ePRO. The decision to use Viedoc was also a question of service and support – Customer service at Viedoc is easy to reach and quickly replies to our questions, feedback and suggestions. The people at Viedoc are just as important as the technical quality and are a major reason why we wanted to sign on for 10 more years.

A lot can happen in 10 years technology-wise, especially when it comes to Electronic Data Capturing, but Cecilie Moe is confident Viedoc’s position will remain at the forefront of the EDC industry.

– We have firsthand experience of the high-quality development, upgrades and new features that Viedoc continuously implement into their system.  and I expect them to further innovate the system for years to come.

Cecilie Moe sees no reason why the partnership wouldn’t continue past the newly signed 10-year deal.

– Now that we’re sure we have an EDC system that works well for us now and over the long run, we can focus all our time and attention on the research.

About Oslo University Hospital
Oslo University Hospital carries out advanced patient treatment, research and trial treatments, gives advice and provides education on international levels. The hospital is Scandinavia’s largest and each year carries out more than 1.2 million patient treatments. Oslo University Hospital is responsible for approximately 50 percent of all medical and healthcare research conducted at Norwegian hospitals and is a significant role player within the education of a large variety of health care personnel.

For more information, please contact:
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Henrik Blombergsson, Co-founder & COO Viedoc, henrik.blombergsson@viedoc.com

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