Viking Supply Ships A/S Interim Report Q1 2016

Press release

Total revenue for Q1 was MUSD 27.7 (34.8), of which vessel operations contribute with MUSD 23.2 (22.9) and Services and Ship Management segments contribute with MUSD 4.5 (11.9). The EBITDA for Q1 was MUSD 7.7 (9.3).

The operating result (EBIT) for Q1 was MUSD 2.5 (3.4). The net result for Q1 was MUSD -4.1 (-4.6). The result for Q1 was negatively impacted by an unrealized currency loss of MUSD -2.8 (-4.8).

The average fixture rate in Q1 was USD 63,600 (54,100) for the AHTS fleet and USD 6,200 (7,500) for the PSV fleet. The average utilization in Q1 was 56% (71%) for the AHTS fleet and 39% (33%) for the PSV fleet. These figures exclude the laid-up vessels.

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Ulrik Hegelund, CFO, ph. +45 41 77 83 97, e-mail 

Morten G. Aggvin, IR & Treasury Director, ph. +47 41 04 71 25, e-mail 

Viking Supply Ships AB (publ) is a Swedish company with headquarter in Gothenburg, Sweden. Viking Supply Ships A/S is a subsidiary of Viking Supply Ships AB (publ). In addition Viking Supply Ships AB (publ) has the subsidiary TransAtlantic AB. The operations are focused on offshore and icebreaking primarily in Arctic and subarctic areas as well as on Shipping services mainly between the Baltic Sea and the Continent. The company has in total about 500 employees and the turnover in 2015 was MSEK 1,977. The company’s B-shares are listed on the NASDAQ Stockholm, Small Cap segment. For further information, please visit: The information was submitted for publication on 10 June 2016 17:31