Åland Tourist Information Office upgraded to four stars

The customer service at Åland’s tourist information office has been classified as four star service by Finland’s organization for the travel industry that allows the rating according to its criteria for green information office signs.

The criteria for the four-star rated service includes e.g. central location, good opening-hours year round, professional staff, access to offline information and printed brochures, free internet and WiFi, and regular service updates and customer surveys.

Åland Tourist Information Office at Storagatan 8 in Mariehamn runs regular reviews of customer satisfaction in order to get feedback and to improve service. The award-winning Finnish customer survey system “Happy-or-Not” was launched in July and the results in July-September showed that 94–99 percent of the tourist information customers were very happy with the service.

The tourist information office is open year round. Information is also available by phone, e-mail and post. Between June and August 2014 the tourist information was visited by almost 12,000 visitors and had five seasonal employees who gave service in 6 languages. The Tourist Information Office in Mariehamn is also responsible for Visit Åland's events calendar at


-We are happy that we’ve now reached the four-star level in our customer services. In 2015 the customers will also have access to Visit Åland’s online booking system when they wish to book their customized Åland experiences online, says CEO Lotta Berner Sjölund at Visit Åland.

Visit Åland

PR Manager

Mobil: 358 40 7283330

E-mail: annica.gronlund@visitaland.com


Storagatan 8

AX-22100 Åland, Finland




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