Champagne sells for over one hundred thousand at auction

Champagne sold for more than one hundred thousand euros on Friday when a number of bottles of champagne were sold at an exclusive champagne auction in Åland, an autonomous region in Finland. A few of the bottles that were sold were part of some of the world’s oldest bottles of champagne that was salvaged in 2010 from a 19th century shipwreck off the Åland Islands.

The sale took place in Mariehamn, Åland, where the Government of Åland and Artcurial, France premier wine auction house, auctioned eight highly anticipated vintage bottles of Veuve Clicquot, Juglar and Heidsieck, along with several special lots direct from Veuve Cliquot's cellars.

The sale took place in front of a crowd of about 300 people in Mariehamn, with on-line bids and telephone bids helping to get the lots sold.

The bottles at the auction sold for a total of 109 280 euros. The surplus will go to charitable causes, such as marine archaeological work and for the benefit of the Baltic Sea.

About the Åland Champagne Discovery

In July 2010, divers discovered unique bottles of Champagne in a shipwreck off the Åland Islands of Finland, at the mouth of the Baltic Sea. Having survived nearly two centuries at the bottom of the Baltic Sea, the contents of the bottles are extremely well preserved. Following a successful salvage operation of 145 bottles, it was found the bounty included some of the world's oldest Champagnes, wines from the famed houses of Veuve Clicquot, Juglar, and Heidsieck.

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Åland is an autonomous region of Finland. It is a demilitarised Swedish-speaking region with a right of self-government secured through international guarantees. The Åland Islands form an archipelago in the Baltic Sea, consisting of more than 6 700 islands and skerries. The population of Åland is 28 000.

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