Newly renovated hotel in the centre of Mariehamn

The first stage in the renewal of all hotel rooms in Hotel Park Alandia in central Mariehamn has begun. In the winter of 2017 Park Alandia will renovate 35 existing rooms in the hotel's newest part. At the same time nine new double rooms will be built in the former meeting rooms.

 In early April, the hotel will open up the 42 newly renovated Premium Rooms. The rooms have a completely new interiors with new furniture, lighting, textiles, flooring and tiles.

-The renovation work in one half of the hotel and in the pub is proceeding with full speed. My husband Jesper Blomsterlund and I took over the hotel in March 2016, and we wanted as quickly as possible to get started with the planning of the new Park Alandia Hotel. In April 2017, the first half of the hotel will be completed. It is so exciting to follow the process from the detailed planning on paper to the real final result. In the spring of 2018 we estimate to have the other half of the hotel fully renovated. We welcome all new and old guests to enjoy the final result, says Zaida Blomsterlund, CEO and co-owner of Park Alandia Hotel.

-This is yet another right investment. The standard of the accommodation capacity in Mariehamn has clearly developed in the past years, which is good for our visitors, says CEO Lotta Berner Sjölund at Visit Åland.

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