Record number of open farms at Åland Harvest Festival

The Åland Harvest Festival on 18-20 September highlights the autumn in Åland. The charming Festival showcases the bounty of Åland harvest with locally produced delicacies, fresh raw produce and experiences for the eye and taste buds. Here the city dwellers, farmers, islanders and visitors from near and far meet each other in charming rural environs. Also the island of Jurmo that had her harvest festival première last year welcomes visitors this autumn.

-This year’s Harvest Festival presents over fifty open farms, restaurants and pop-up activities. The Festival will be double as big as last year and attractions are spread all over the Åland Islands, says Annica Grönlund, PR Manager at Visit Åland.

- New for this year is that the island of Sottunga will be attending the Harvest Festival for the first time, says Annica Grönlund.

Other new activities for this year include e.g. the log dance at Mattas Gårdsmejeri dairy, boat tours between Käringsund fishing harbour and Eckerö Post & Customs House, and the Harvest Festival village at Lumparby consisting of three farms. The visitors can walk from farm to farm or take a ride on a veteran tractor.

The visitors are welcome to buy local delicacies, such as freshly squeezed Åland apple juice, black bread, organic camembert cheese, lamb sausages etc. There are exciting themed activities for the children too, e.g. jumping and climbing on hay stacks, little chef classes, taste passes and apple samplings?

- Welcome to the biggest Harvest Festival ever arranged in Åland. The event has grown, but with quality! All raw produce and products sold at the Festival are locally produced, says Liz Mattsson, director for the Åland Harvest Festival association.

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