World Robotic Sailing Championship and International Robotic Sailing Conference 2015 in the Åland Islands

We are pleased to invite you to World Robotic Sailing Championship and International Robotic Sailing Conference 2015. The event will take place from 31 August to 4 September 2015 in Mariehamn, The Åland Islands.

The regatta will be the eighth annual edition of WRSC, with the most recent event held in Galway, Ireland. We are truly glad to host this sailing race and conference in the Åland Islands.

The WRSC is a competition open to fully autonomous and unmanned sailing boats up to 4m in length. The accompanying IRSC provides an ideal venue to discuss the broad range of scientific problems involved in the design and development of autonomous sailboats.

Robotic Sailing

Robotic sailing offers the potential of long range and long term autonomous wind propelled, solar or wave-powered carbon neutral devices. Robotic sailing devices could contribute to monitoring of environmental, ecological, meteorological, hydrographic and oceanographic data. These devices can also be used in traffic monitoring, border surveillance, security, assistance and rescue. The dependency on changing winds and sea conditions presents a considerable challenge for short and long term route and stability planning, collision avoidance and boat control. Building a robust and seaworthy sailing robot presents a truly complex and multi-disciplinary challenge for boat designers, naval architects, systems/electrical engineers and computer scientists.

Since 2004, competitions such as Sailbot, World Robotic Sailing Championship and Microtransat have sparked an explosion in the number of groups working on autonomous sailing robots. Despite this interest the longest distance sailed autonomously remains only a few hundred miles. Many of the challenges in building truly autonomous sailing robots still remain unsolved. IRSC and WRSC promote the development of autonomous wind-propelled sailing robots.


IRSC2015 will be held on 31 August close to the eastern shore of Mariehamn where WRSC 2015 will take place. See attached call for papers and


WRSC2015 will be arranged on 1-4 September at the Maritime Quarter of Mariehamn. This is located by the shore of Slemmern Bay, just north of the Eastern Harbour of Mariehamn and in walking distance to the centre of Mariehamn. The quarter is a traditional Åland boat harbour with a marina for small ships and wooden boats.

The championship will include two classes, a micro-sailboat (MS) and a sailboat (S) category. The micro-sailboat category is for autonomous sailboats up to 1 metre LOA and weighing no more than 100 kg, and the sailboat category is for sailboats up to 4 metres LOA, and 5 metres high (keel tip to mast tip) and weighing no more than 500 kg. The motorboats category will not be arranged at WRSC 2015.

More information about lodging, meal facilities, boat storage and boat repair facilities will be provided on Team registration to WRSC will also be available via the website.

The Åland Islands and Mariehamn

Åland is a demilitarized, Swedish speaking, autonomous region of Finland consisting of an archipelago in the Baltic Sea. The capital Mariehamn is located on the Main Island. Due to the location and limited connections, we recommend that you arrive on Sunday August 30

More information on travel and links will be provided soon on the web page

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