Viking Fever at the Start of Season 3 of "Vikings: Valhalla"

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Excitement is rising among Viking fans worldwide as the third and final season of "Vikings: Valhalla" premieres on 11 July. Netflix once again takes us back to the captivating history of the Norsemen, rekindling our fascination with these legendary warriors.

Sweden, the historical epicentre of the Vikings, offers a wealth of travel destinations for those looking to delve into Viking history. From interactive museums to dramatic time travel and culinary experiences, Sweden is a Viking lover's paradise.

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Since its debut in 2021, "Vikings: Valhalla" has taken viewers on an adventurous journey, focusing on a new generation of heroes in the early 11th century. The series explores the strained relationships between the Vikings and the English, with battles over faith, land, and heritage.

"When we started this project five years ago, I worked hard with this cast and crew to create a fulfilling journey," said Jeb Stuart, co-creator and executive producer. "It made sense from a story point of view that the travels of our Leif, Freydís, and Harald would end with our third season. And we really can't wait for the fans to see the conclusion of this chapter."

The first season premiered on 25th February 2022, reaching 113.38 million hours viewed in its first week, taking the top spot in the Netflix Top 10. Within just two days, the series had been viewed 80.5 million times, with a total of 194 million hours viewed in the first nine days.

Discover Viking Heritage in Sweden

The newfound fascination with the Vikings makes it the perfect time to visit Sweden. Here, visitors can discover numerous locations and experiences that bring the history of the Norsemen to life.

Stockholm: Action at the Viking Museum

At the Viking Museum in Stockholm, the Vikings come to life. During a dramatic 11-minute train journey, the story of Ragnfrid, a Viking from the year 963, unfolds, showcasing looting and the slave trade. The exhibition highlights life without kingdoms or parliaments and shows the roles of children and women in the Viking Age. Regularly updated research constantly enriches this experience.

Stockholm: Experience Vikings up close

The Historiska Museet in Stockholm features the exhibition "The World of the Vikings," which opened in 2021. With more than 2,500 objects and interactive stations, visitors learn fascinating facts about astronomy, shipbuilding, and daily life in the Viking era. This museum is a highlight for history enthusiasts and offers a unique opportunity to explore Viking culture.

Birka: Time Travel to the 8th Century

On the island of Björkö in Lake Mälaren lies Birka, an open-air museum and former Viking settlement. This important archaeological site is best explored on a guided tour. The museum and the reconstructed Viking village provide comprehensive insights into Viking life and their trade routes. The atmosphere at Birka brings the past to life and offers an unforgettable experience.

Uppsala: Viking Kings and Virtual Reality

Just outside Uppsala are the impressive burial mounds from the Viking era, also known as the king's mounds. Alongside a captivating VR experience at the nearby Gamla Uppsala Museum, visitors can learn about daily life in a Viking village. The guided tours offer a close look at the religious and cultural customs of the Viking Age, combining archaeological finds with modern technology to make Uppsala an exciting destination.

Gotland: Treasure Island of the Vikings

Gotland, with the UNESCO World Heritage City of Visby, is a must-see for history buffs. The island is rich in Viking burial grounds and rune stones. The 15-acre burial ground in Stenkyrka and the rune stones in Buttle and Hablingbo give visitors a fascinating glimpse into Viking life. Visby itself, with its famous city wall and numerous medieval churches and ruins, immerses visitors in a bygone era.

Tanum: Bronze Age Rock Inscriptions

In the Tanum World Heritage Area in West Sweden, over 600 rock carvings await discovery. These impressive inscriptions, depicting ships, animals, people, and mystical symbols, date back to the Bronze Age, offering a unique look at daily life and spirituality from over 3,000 years ago. The Vitlycke Museum, with its detailed information and interactive exhibits, makes the historical significance of this place even more vivid.

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Skåne: Vikings in Action

Skåne features the open-air museum Foteviken and the VikingaTider archaeological theme park, providing exciting insights into Viking life. At Foteviken, visitors can experience experimental archaeology by participating in activities like blacksmithing, pottery, and weaving. VikingaTider brings the agrarian lifestyle of a thousand years ago to life with introductions and craft demonstrations. These lively museums make history tangible and engaging.

Culinary Journey Through Time at Aifur

The restaurant Aifur in Stockholm serves dishes from the Viking Age, based on historical finds. Visitors enjoy authentic Viking experiences, complete with stories and music. The atmosphere and carefully prepared dishes make a visit to Aifur a special highlight of any Viking-themed holiday.

Souvenir Hunting at Handfaste

For those wanting to take a piece of Viking culture home, Handfaste in Stockholm offers an extensive selection of authentic Viking souvenirs. From jewellery and clothing to various accessories, there is something for everyone. The quality and variety of the products make Handfaste a popular destination for anyone looking to bring home a piece of Viking heritage.

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