Java games in Vodafone live!

Java games in Vodafone live! make waiting more fun Play tennis on the bus, save the world from aliens in the taxi or get a nostalgia kick from PacMan. Anytime. Vodafone Sweden has today some 40 Java games in its Vodafone live! of which around 30 are adapted to the Sharp GX10i cameraphone. About 30 different Java games are now downloadable straight from the Sharp GX10i mobile phone via Vodafone live! The games cover five categories including sports, action, adventure, puzzles, cards and classics. Among the classics you will find Java games like PacMan, Asteroids and Galaxian while in the sports category you will find Formula1, tennis and bowling games, plus billiards. In billiards you can play online against your friends. Soon the action game Rayman 3 will be available, making the jointless Rayman yours on your phone. "We are over the moon about being to be able to offer such a well-packed catalogue of Java games to our live customers. Mobile phones are now serving as mobile game consoles as well as phones. This applies in particular to our new Vodafone live! phone, the Sharp GX10i. You can use your phone to download the latest games using the menu system on Vodafone live! - simply and conveniently. Enjoy the fun side of waiting for your friends or the bus," says Göran Mannerstråle, Director of Consumer Affairs at Vodafone Sweden. Many of the best-known game makers supply games to Vodafone live!: Com2uS, Digital Bridges, Gameloft, G-mode, Handy-Games, iFone/Atari, Namco, Taito and THQ. There are two price categories for Java games in Vodafone live!: SEK 30 and SEK 50. Once you've downloaded a game, you can play as many times as you want. There will initially be up to 40 Java games in Vodafone live! and more will be added on a continuous basis. About 30 of these games are adapted for the Sharp GX10i, some 20 games are adapted for the Nokia 7650 and 5 for the Nokia 3650. The following Java games are currently available for downloading from Vodafone live!: Bowling, BusinessMan, City Racer, Com2uS Reversi, Com2uS Tennis, Glider Action, SEED, Denki Blocks, Earth Invasion, Gulo's Tale, Prince of Persia, Rayman 3, Siberian Strike, G-mode Billiards, G-mode Kung Fu, G-mode Poker, Rally, Skips & Hops, Stormy Sight II, 007 Ice Racer, Asteroids, Centipede, Curling, Galaxian, Gator Panic, Mr Driller, PacMan, Ferrari Test Track, Zoy's Rescue Mission, Arkanoid, Bubble Bobble, Puzzle Bobble, Space Invaders, Astrosmash, Moto GP, Skyland and Snood. About Vodafone live! Take pictures, send and receive colour images, download and play games, send e-mail, download polyphonic ring tones and get the latest news, information and pictures in colour on everything from sports and weather to the best restaurants and current movies with Vodafone live! You can, of course, also make and receive calls. The concept is sold as a package. Participating cameraphones are pre- programmed for all the services and are ready to use from the moment you leave the store. You can easily access the services through the user interface of Vodafone live!, straight from your phone. Currently participating cameraphones include the Sharp GX10I, Panasonic GD87, Nokia 7650 and the Nokia 3650. In 2003, Vodafone will be offering even more phones from a range of manufacturers in Vodafone live! Press photos of the Sharp GX10i and Java games are retrievable at For more information, please contact: Göran Mannerstråle, Director Consumer Affairs Telephone: +46 708 33 18 45, e-mail: David Erixon, Marketing Director, Consumer Affairs Telephone: +46 709 61 47 77, e-mail: ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: