Make calls abroad as easily as you would at home with Vodafone PRE-PAID

Vodafone PRE-PAID - now available in more countries Make calls abroad as easily as you would at home with Vodafone PRE-PAID Vodafone's global pre-paid card enables users to make calls abroad as easily as at home in Sweden. Since 15 July, Vodafone PRE-PAID customers have been able to call Sweden without having to dial the country code or sign any special agreements. All at easy-to-understand, uniform prices. Vodafone PRE-PAID has a comprehensive range of services that is both simpler and more convenient to use than existing pre-paid cards when travelling abroad. With Vodafone PRE-PAID, customers don't even need to dial the country code when phoning Sweden but can instead use their regular phone book and speed-dial numbers as usual. And PRE-PAID customers can also send SMS messages, use WAP services, and check their balance when abroad in the same way as they would at home. "Vodafone PRE-PAID is part of our ambition to offer our customers a global service and the ability to communicate regardless of which country they're in. Vodafone PRE-PAID will gradually become available in a growing number of countries. At present, customers can use the card - along with any mobile phone model - in Denmark, Norway, Finland, Italy, Spain, Greece and Hungary," says Göran Mannerstråle, Commercial Director of Consumer at Vodafone in Sweden. With Vodafone PRE-PAID, customers avoid getting separate bills for calls made abroad. Calls and SMS messages are instead debited directly from the balance on their card. By dialling speed-dial number 220, customers can easily get information about their balance and therefore maintain full control of their costs. Other speed-dial numbers, such as those for calling Customers Services or EuroVoice, work in exactly the same way as in Sweden. Vodafone PRE-PAID is now available in shops and will eventually replace Vodafone's current Easy and CU pre-paid cards. Vodafone PRE-PAID is sold in Vodafone and Ocom stores and in a large number of outlets. About Vodafone PRE-PAID Vodafone PRE-PAID has a comprehensive range of services that enables direct debiting for calls made overseas. The price of the Vodafone PRE- PAID start-up pack is SEK 350 including VAT, and the pack includes call time worth SEK 250. Upon registration, customers receive an additional SEK 100 of call time. To use the card's direct debit function abroad, customers must refill their cards in Sweden prior to their trip. For more information, please contact: Göran Mannerstråle, Commercial Director, Consumer, Vodafone Sweden Tel: +46 708 33 18 45, e-mail: Vodafone's operations in Sweden are carried out by Europolitan Vodafone AB and its subsidiaries, Vodafone Sverige AB and Vodafone Stores AB. Europolitan Vodafone AB is listed on Attract 40 on the Stockholm Stock Exchange O list. The majority shareholder is Vodafone Group Plc, which owns 71 per cent of the shares, while private shareholders, investment companies and pension funds own the remaining 29 per cent. Our services enhance the efficiency of companies operations and make it simpler and more fun for people to communicate. The Vodafone Group is the world's largest mobile network and is represented in 28 countries on 5 continents. It has more than 200 million mobile telecom users. Read more at and ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: