Mobile technology makes transportation safer and eco-friendlier. Vodafone Sweden and Scania help hauliers enhance effici

Mobile technology makes transportation safer and eco-friendlier Vodafone Sweden and Scania help hauliers enhance efficiency Vodafone Sweden and Scania have produced a mobile communication solution that provides European hauliers and forwarding companies with continuous information about the status of their lorries on the roads. This will enable transport companies to optimise their service intervals, maintain contact with drivers and collect information that will form the basis for more efficient driving routines. The solution is an optional extra in all new Scania vehicles. Information from the vehicle is sent via a regular GSM subscription. Via a web service supplied by Scania, transport companies are able to create vehicle profiles and ask all kinds of questions about vehicle status, including gauge readings, fuel consumption, alarms and position. It is also possible to send text-based driving assignments directly to the vehicles and allow the drivers respond to them. "Our collaboration with Vodafone Sweden has resulted in a system that enables our customers to save money on their vehicle fleets and enhance the efficiency of their administration. Customers nowadays need to be able to follow the position and status of their vehicles continuously, and this system allows them to do just that," says Joakim Ewers, Senior Manager of Infotronics Business at Scania. Scania has developed both the hardware and the software for the solution, while Vodafone Sweden is responsible for the mobile communication involved. "This system is based on our service platform, which is our starting point in creating reliable and flexible turnkey solutions in the field of mobile communication. Our services help bridge the communication gap between people, equipment and production systems. There are many exciting application areas for this technology within the vehicle industry. For private vehicles, these include information services, as well as better service and safety," says Anders Sjöholm, Director of Corporate and Telematics, Vodafone Sweden. For more information, please contact: Vodafone Sweden Anders Sjöholm, Commercial Director Business Tel: +46 708 33 10 22, e-mail: Scania Joakim Ewers, Senior Manager, Infotronics Business Tel: +46 8 553 806 98, e-mail: ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: