New PC cards means more freedom for Vodafone's commercial customers

Vodafone Sweden launches new versions of Mobile Connect Card New PC cards means more freedom for Vodafone's commercial customers Vodafone Sweden is now making it even simpler for its customers to work whenever and wherever they like, creating more free time. On 3 November Vodafone Sweden will launch its Mobile Connect Card GPRS/WLAN which gives users access to the Internet, e-mail and company-internal systems via both the mobile network and in Wireless LAN environments. Vodafone is also offering an attractively priced version of the PC card without WLAN support. The Mobile Connect Card GPRS/WLAN is an enhanced upgrade to the GPRS- based card launched by Vodafone in the spring. As it works via GPRS, high-speed data via GSM and in WLAN environments, users get many more wireless access paths to the Internet, e-mail and company-internal systems. The Mobile Connect Card GPRS/WLAN is based on Sony Ericsson's new PC card GC79 but it is also fitted with Vodafone's simple-to-use plug'n play solution*, user interface and a subscription specially designed for mobile data services. This means that users no longer need to spend time and energy on their settings and configuration. They also get access to Vodafone-specific communication services via their portable computers, as well as Vodafone's comprehensive support service for the PC card. "As Mobile Connect Card GPRS/WLAN works both on mobile networks and in WLAN environments, it meets a whole range of mobile connection needs. Users are up and running in no time. By simply installing the software with the enclosed CD and operating the user-friendly interface, you can send SMS directly from your computer," says Anders Sjöholm, Commercial Director Business Mobile Connect Card GPRS/WLAN gives users access to their companies' data and information services, via Vodafone's extensive GPRS network** and via GSM network high-speed data. And as the card is WLAN-enabled, users can connect up at speeds up to 11 Mbps inside a WLAN coverage area, e.g. at the office or in public coverage areas. Vodafone is also launching another new PC card on 3 November - Vodafone Mobile Connect Card GPRS - which is also an upgrade of the card launched in the spring. As opposed to its predecessor, Vodafone Mobile Connect Card GPRS is compatible with both the GPRS network and the GSM network via high-speed data. The card is based on the Sony Ericsson PC card GC75 but, like Vodafone Mobile Connect Card GPRS/WLAN, has been customised to give real added value in the form of Vodafone-specific communication services. "The Mobile Connect series is designed mainly for people who travel a lot at work and for one-man and small businesses. The former category has a need for saving time while on the move, while the other category has the need to - and can - choose where, when and how they work. Mobile Connect suits both target groups perfectly," says Anders Sjöholm. The Mobile Connect series is included in the commercial solutions offered by Vodafone within the framework of Mobile Office concept which, like the Vodafone live! consumer concept, adopts a holistic approach to offering commercial customers straightforward and user-friendly services for mobile voice and data services. Mobile Connect customers don't need to worry about contacting hardware suppliers or providers for information about Mobile Connect. With this holistic approach, Vodafone's support will deal with all questions embracing hardware (PC cards), software (user interface) and data traffic. Mobile Connect Card GPRS and Mobile Connect Card GPRS/WLAN are available at your local Vodafone retailer and at Vodafone's own stores as of 3 November. For more information regarding technical data regarding PC cards in the Mobile Connect series, please visit Press pictures of Mobile Connect Card GPRS/WLAN are available at Prices Mobile Connect Card GPRS (excluding VAT) Recommended retail price from Vodafone for Mobile Connect Card GPRS: SEK 2,195 Prices Mobile Connect Card GPRS/WLAN (excluding VAT) Recommended retail price from Vodafone for Mobile Connect Card GPRS/WLAN: SEK 2,995 Prices Mobile Connect subscription Mobile Connect subscription, monthly fee SEK 199 and a SEK 200 connection fee The subscription includes 15 MB/month and SEK 16 per additional MB sent/received GPRS surcharges for regular subscription forms: GPRS including SEK 52/month (SEK 16 per 2MB/month additional MB sent/received) GPRS including SEK 80/month (SEK 16 per 5MB/month additional MB sent/received) GPRS including SEK 124/month (SEK 16 per 10MB/month additional MB sent/received) GPRS including SEK 340/month (SEK 14.40 per 40MB/month additional MB sent/received) * For WLAN, settings may vary depending on the WLAN provider. If in doubt, please contact your local WLAN provider for details. ** Vodafone Sweden has GPRS roaming agreements in the following countries: Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, the Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, China, Norway, Portugal, Switzerland, Spain, UK, Germany, Hungary, USA and Austria. For more information, please contact: Anders Sjöholm, Commercial Director Business. Tel: +46 708 33 10 22, e-mail: ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: