Vodafone live! with Japanese Panasonic handset end Nokia's and Sony Ericsson's dominance

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Vodafone live! with Japanese Panasonic handset end Nokia's and Sony Ericsson's dominance The Vodafone live! Panasonic GD87 telephone is the first Japanese mobile phone to make its way into Vodafone Sweden's Top 10 sales list since the latter was first introduced in May last year. The Panasonic GD87 was the fourth biggest seller in December 2002, bettered only by Sony Ericsson's successful T200 and Nokia's two best-sellers, the 3310 and 3410. "What this success story indicates to us is the fact that our customers appreciate the Vodafone live! concept, which includes the Panasonic GD87, and that there is a strong demand for mobile communication using pictures," says Tommy Sundström, who in addition to being Vodafone Sweden's Vice President is also in charge of Vodafone's store chain in Sweden." The Panasonic GD87's place on the list is remarkable not least because it has a built-in camera that puts it in a completely different price class from most other phones on the list." "It is also noteworthy that Sony Ericsson's T200 model has kept its place at the top ahead of the Nokia 3310, which had previously occupied top slot for some time but now appears to have been forced more than temporarily to relinquish it to the T200," says Tommy Sundström. Sales list, mobile phones, December 2002, Vodafone Brand Model Function Price category 1. Sony Ericsson T200 GPRS/EMS Low 2. Nokia 3310 Low 3. Nokia 3410 WAP Low 4. Panasonic GD87 Vodafone live!/GPRS/MMS High 5. Nokia 6310i GPRS/Bluetooth Medium 6. Nokia 3510 GPRS/MMS Low 7. Nokia 5210 WAP Low 8. Sony Ericsson T300 GPRS/MMS Medium 9. Sony Ericsson T68i GPRS/MMS/Bluetooth High 10. Nokia 6610 GPRS/MMS High *Based on cost price of mobile phone. For more information, please contact: Tommy Sundström, Vice President, Vodafone Sweden Telephone: +46 708 33 15 10, e-mail: tommy.sundstrom@vodafone.se Europolitan Vodafone AB is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange O-list on Attract 40. The operations are conducted by Europolitan Vodafone AB and its subsidiaries, Vodafone Sverige AB and Vodafone Stores AB. The majority shareholder is Vodafone Group Plc, with 74.7 per cent of the shares, while private shareholders, investment companies and pension funds own the remaining 25.3 per cent. The Vodafone Group is the world's largest mobile network and is represented in 28 countries on five continents. It has over 270 million mobile telecoms users. Our services enhance the efficiency of companies' operations and make it simpler and more fun for people to communicate. For more information, please visit our web site at www.vodafone.se and www.vodafone.com ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker http://www.waymaker.net The following files are available for download: http://www.waymaker.net/bitonline/2003/01/28/20030128BIT00150/wkr0001.doc http://www.waymaker.net/bitonline/2003/01/28/20030128BIT00150/wkr0002.pdf