Vodafone Sweden customers to get SMHI weather charts directly to their mobile phones

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Vodafone Sweden customers to get SMHI weather charts directly to their mobile phones Will there be snow or a thaw on the ski slopes at the weekend? Sun or rain on the golf course tomorrow? Vodafone Sweden's new consumer concept, Vodafone live!, will enable customers, wherever they may be, to access SMHI's weather forecasts in the form of colour pictures via their mobile phones. SMHI will be supplying its services under its own brand. Vodafone live!, which is scheduled for launch by Vodafone Sweden before Christmas, will make your mobile phone simpler and more fun to use. It includes the very latest mobile communication services in colour, sound and pictures, and the package includes the market's newest camera phones. The concept is sold as part of a package where mobile phones and all other services are ready to use directly on purchase. "We are naturally very pleased that SMHI has chosen to work with us. There is a strong demand for weather services via mobile phones, particularly from the large numbers of Swedes who enjoy sports and outdoor activities that often depend on the weather forecast," says Göran Mannerstråle, Director of Consumer at Vodafone Sweden. For SMHI, the agreement with Vodafone Sweden will open up new income opportunities for its service offering. "We are delighted with Vodafone Sweden's new concept, which will allow us to supply our weather forecasts in a form that is also highly visual. This means that we are no longer limited to text alone but will be able to use colour and pictures to enhance both understanding and simplicity, thus making it easier for users to interpret the forecasts. The service is intended for "people on the go", as well as for people in occupations that are dependent on the weather, such as farmers," says Krister Hammar, Head of Marketing at SMHI Handel. The new range of weather information supplied by SMHI to mobile phones will comprise a full weather service. A few examples of what the service offers are rainfall estimates for the next three hours or five-day forecasts for individual municipalities. The forecasts and observations available through the service are always the very latest. "Our customers are mobile, regardless of whether they are golfers, yachtsmen or agriculturists. Weather forecasts quickly become obsolete, and the need for reliable information about the weather often arises suddenly. To give you an example, you sometimes need to know when it will stop raining. This is why it's an excellent idea to provide a full weather service via mobile phones," says Krister Hammar. Pictures showing how SMHI's services will be presented in Vodafone live! are available for publication and can be downloaded at www.vodafone.se/pressbilder For more information, please contact: Vodafone Sweden Göran Mannerstråle, Director of Consumer Tel.: +46 708 33 18 45, e-mail: goran.mannerstrale@vodafone.se David Erixon, Head of Marketing, Consumer Tel.: +46 709 61 47 77, e-mail: david.erixon@vodafone.se SMHI Krister Hammar, Head of Marketing, SMHI Handel Tel.: +46 40 692 88 50, +46 708 13 02 20, e-mail: krister.hammar@smhi.se Eva-Lena Jonsson, Head of Public Relations, SMHI Tel.: +46 11 495 83 14, e-mail: eva-lena.jonsson@smhi.se Europolitan Vodafone AB is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange O-list on Attract 40. The operations are conducted by Europolitan Vodafone AB and its subsidiaries, Vodafone Sverige AB and Vodafone Stores AB. The majority shareholder is Vodafone Group Plc, with 73.1 per cent of the shares, while private shareholders, investment companies and pension funds own the remaining 26.9 per cent. The Vodafone Group is the world's largest mobile network and is represented in 28 countries on five continents. It has over 229 million mobile telecoms users. Our services enhance the efficiency of companies' operations and make it simpler and more fun for people to communicate. For more information, please visit our web site at www.vodafone.se and www.vodafone.com ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker http://www.waymaker.net The following files are available for download: http://www.waymaker.net/bitonline/2002/11/12/20021112BIT00450/wkr0001.doc http://www.waymaker.net/bitonline/2002/11/12/20021112BIT00450/wkr0002.pdf