Breakthrough order of 50 Volvo hybrid buses to Singapore

Volvo Buses has received an order for 50 Volvo hybrid buses to Singapore.

The Land Transport Authority of Singapore (LTA) has awarded Volvo Buses an order for 50 Volvo 7900 Hybrids in continuation of its efforts to build a more environmentally friendly public bus fleet.

“Not only can commuters expect quieter and smoother rides, bus captains can also enjoy a more comfortable working environment .To prepare our bus workforce for this change, LTA will work with industry partners to help upgrade our bus professionals through the Singapore Bus Academy,” representatives from the LTA said.

Volvo 7900 Hybrid uses 30 per cent less fuel and has a correspondingly lower climate impact than a diesel bus, and just half the nitrogen oxide and particle emissions. In total, Volvo Buses has now sold more than 3,000 hybrids worldwide.

Singapore is considered one of the leaders in public transportation in the Asia Pacific region. Many countries look to learn from the Singapore experience and enhance their public transport offerings. Volvo Buses are a well-respected and strong partner of the public transport operators and Transport Authorities in Singapore.

“The order for the hybrid buses from the Singapore Land Transport Authority (LTA) is a major breakthrough and re-emphasises the technology leadership and commercial value delivered by Volvo Buses in Singapore”, said Manish Sahi, Head of Volvo Buses, Region Singapore.

“These buses will provide stakeholders from across the region the opportunity to experience and understand these technologies and will support Singapore as a ‘must visit’ item on the agenda of public transport regulators and operators in the region,” said Akash Passey, Senior Vice President, Volvo Buses Region International.

The 50 buses - which are powered by a diesel engine as well as battery power - will be rolled out gradually for service by the second half of 2018.

Helena Lind, Media Relations, Volvo Buses
Tel: 46 (0) 31-323 62 57

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