SportsBettingOnline Rewards Winners Despite NFL Week 9 Beating

Online betting site has no plans to alter 10% cash back model after paying out a record number of players for huge weekend wins

San Jose, Costa Rica– November 6, 2012 – After the outcomes of NFL week 9 bets caused sportsbooks around the world to take a serious beating, rumors have been swirling that popular site SportsBettingOnline was reconsidering its 10% cash back bonus structure. Today, head oddsmaker Dave Johnson has put those rumors to bed, calling them unfounded and absolutely not true.

"This past weekend was categorically ruthless, with scores of our members making huge gains thanks to pretty much every NFL favorite winning in week 9,” stated Dave Johnson, head oddsmaker for “We admit, like all other online sportsbooks and the big Las Vegas casinos, we took a huge beating that can only be described as unprecedented. But we refuse to deal our members the type of blows they’re used to receiving from other online sportsbooks. So we’re not turning off our 10% cash back model. Players will continue to get paid 10% cash back every week, no questions asked, no matter how much they win.”

Johnson notes that a large majority of active players came out winners thanks to winning NFL week 9 bets, and countless others earned the 10% weekly cash back, no matter how their picks played out.

This week’s top winners included:  R2009, who won $11,203 and earned a $1,120 bonus; SBOMONGOMO, who won $7,891 and earned a $781 bonus; and SBO6260, who won $6,865 and earned a $687 bonus.

SportsBettingOnline has become famous for its exclusive bonus model. Instead of running unrealistic promotions with ridiculous rollover requirements like every other online sportsbook, SportsBettingOnline features a single cash back promotion that’s ongoing for all players. Members of the online sportsbook receive 10% cash back, every week, win or lose. The 10% cash back offer is also offered at the sportsbook’s online casino and racebook.

“As much as this weekend has hurt us, we’re sports bettors too. We agree that there’s nothing better than having the biggest betting week of your life and then getting a huge 10% bonus just because you bet at the right place. There’s no way we’d change that.” added Johnson.

More information on how the online sportsbook refunds players 10% per week can be found at

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