Design your own sewing machine

Design your own sewing machine One of the leading operators in the world sewing machine market, Viking Sewing Machines AB, is now launching an entirely new sewing machine concept in Europe. Designer II, as it is called, provides customers with the opportunity to tailor their sewing machines according to their interests and needs. "This entails a completely new approach within the sewing industry; we are giving customers the chance to equip their machines entirely in accordance with their own wishes, more or less the same as when you buy a new car," says Stefan Sandberg at Viking Sewing Machines AB. The basic Designer II model is based on the same technology as the Designer I and is fitted with a unique sensor system, a screen with touch control, a sewing guide, an automatic thread cutter, etc. In addition to this, customers can also fit their machines with a theme, such as home furnishing, turn of the century sewing, quilting and embroidery. Each theme comes with several accessories and an inspiration book containing tips and ideas. Viking Sewing Machines AB is also giving its customer worldwide the opportunity to update their Designer II at regular intervals via the Internet. What makes Designer II particularly unique is that, instead of buying a sewing machine with a lot of properties, you can now largely choose what you want yourself. "I am convinced that the concept will be extremely popular with consumers," says Stefan Sandberg. Designer II is manufactured in Sweden. It was launched in the USA in November last year. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: