About Us

Wanås Konst – Center for Art & Learning, presents and communicates contemporary art that challenges and redefines society, working outside in the landscape around Wanås in Skåne, southern Sweden. The permanent collection in the sculpture park is complemented with a program of temporary exhibitions, both outdoors and in the Art Gallery, and events such as guided tours, artists’ talks, performances and workshops engaging a wide audience. Wanås Konst produces site-specific international art and learning in an innovative and accessible way. The collection in the sculpture park has 70 permanent works, created specifically for The Wanås Foundation – Wanås Konst by artists such as Nathalie Djurberg & Hans Berg, Ann Hamilton, Jenny Holzer, Yoko Ono and Robert Wilson et al. The sculpture park has approximatly 75 000 visitors per year and 8000 children take part in educational activities. Wanås Konst is run by The Wanås Foundation, a non-profit foundation created in 1994, in Östra Göinge municipality, in the South of Sweden, 1.5 h from Copenhagen, Denmark. Founding Director Marika Wachtmeister initiated the art projects at Wanås in 1987. Since 2011 the foundation is led by Elisabeth Millqvist and Mattias Givell. Wanås Konst is part self-financed, part supported by state, regional and municipal funding, as well as by private foundations and sponsors. Wanås is a place in the world where art, nature and history meet. Wanås consist of a medieval castle, an organic farm, a scenic sculpture park and an art gallery in southern Sweden as well as the newly opened Wanås Restaurant Hotel. Wanås Konst is part of European Land + Art Network (ELAN) and Wanås is a Long Run Destination – a leader in sustainable development within the tourism industry, community development and cultural management. Read more at www.wanaskonst.se


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