His Majesty King Harald of Norway and Arthur Pettersson-Kieffer

Photographer: Elias Storøy

Together with a 10-year old from the area, His Majesty King Harald of Norway attended the official inauguration of Waves4Power’s wave power system on Thursday, 21 September.

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About Us

Waves4Power is a Swedish company based in Gothenburg, which develops and sells fossil-free energy systems based on wave power. Waves4Power focuses on sustainability, serviceability and profitable power generation. The core of the W4P wave power system is a power generating buoy with elastic anchors. The company has developed the latest generation of wave power systems since the prototype of the WaveEL buoy was launched outside Vinga in 2010. Today, W4P works with a network of commercial industrial partners and in close cooperation with, among others, Chalmers University of Technology. www.waves4power.com


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