CoSafe Technology Partners with Webrock Ventures to Bring Leading Emergency Notification Software to Brazil

Stockholm, Sweden, 01.07.20 - CoSafe Technology (, a leading emergency notification software company, partners with Webrock Ventures (, a Brazilian focused investment firm, to establish a joint venture in Brazil. The joint venture will combine CoSafe’s security technology with Webrock Ventures’ local expertise, network access, and financing.

Brazil is a vast country with large distances and very remote locations where typical solutions cannot be applied due to cost and/or infrastructure. As safety and security is a major concern, the Brazilian market represents an enormous opportunity for us.” says Alexis Nicou, CEO at CoSafe Technology.

Pupo Neto, Co-founder, and CEO at CoSafe Brasil, adds:  The Brazilian crisis management market is mainly focused on providing security systems or risk management solutions to large companies, making individuals and SME’s not well accounted for. There is a need for an integrated security platform that facilitates communication and documentation, and that is where we have an impactful role to play. We offer an all-in-one digital platform that is beneficial for companies of all sizes; including established crisis consultancies and security firms that can use our platform to upgrade their product offerings.

"We are very excited about this joint venture investment, which fits naturally into our portfolio of fast-growing tech companies with Nordic roots in Brazil. Together with CoSafe, we have the potential to be a pioneering player in a relatively untapped product category within the security industry, in one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing digital economies.” says Joakim Pops, Founding Partner at Webrock Ventures.

About CoSafe Technology

CoSafe develops web and app-based alarm and communication platforms tailored to different industries and purposes. On all platforms users can collaborate in a simple, efficient, secure, and encrypted manner, enabling communication in closed environments. CoSafe was founded in 2014 by Alexis Nicou and Johan Furugård. 

About Webrock Ventures

Founded in 2016, Webrock Ventures is an investment company that generates shareholder value by creating joint ventures with Swedish tech-enabled companies to build and develop new, successful companies in Brazil. Using its experience of doing business in the country and its local presence, Webrock provides unique operational expertise that ensures its portfolio companies grow and prosper.

About Us

About Webrock VenturesWebrock is an investment company that generates shareholder value by creating joint ventures (JV’s) with Swedish-based technology companies to build and develop new, successful companies in Brazil. Using its understanding and experience of doing business in the country, Webrock provides a unique operational expertise that ensures its companies grow and prosper. Aware that Swedish companies have to think globally from the outset to be successful, Webrock believes that the Brazilian market provides a tremendous opportunity for Swedish companies looking to scale their businesses. As online business segments in Brazil often lag behind Sweden in development, companies with the right technology and experience will establish a critical head-start in the country’s rapidly growing digital industry. With proven business models serving as blueprints, the joint ventures benefit immediately from the Swedish JV-partner’s technology, know-how and experience, allowing Webrock to build companies at an accelerated pace and with less risk.