Men's Geatest Salute to Female Athletes

Today, the Chinese Sports Ministry Announces New Official Song and Video Celebrating the FIFA Women’s World Cup in China 2007

Chinese pop star Wei Wei and FC Barcelona soccer heroes Messi, Deco, Márquez and Puyol give a gentlemen’s salute to female soccer players with “Go-Girl-Go (Fly With Me)”, a theme song and a music video.

Wei Wei, the biggest pop star in China, and four FC Barcelona players have teamed up to salute female soccer players with a theme song created for the upcoming Women’s World Cup in September.

The music video, filmed at Camp Nou in Barcelona, shows Wei Wei and stellar players Messi, Deco, Márquez and Puyol cheering for the girls, joined by children from Velletri Soccer World Team representing the 16 countries participating in the World Cup. It is the greatest salute to date from male athletes to the ladies of sports. Go-Girl-Go invites every single person to share one’s own personal salute on the Internet.

Wei Wei, a female superstar in her native China, will perform the song at the opening ceremony on September 10th in Hongkou Football Stadium in Shanghai.

Chinese female soccer legend Sun Wen, the Chinese Sports Ministry, the five host cities (Shanghai, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Tianjin and Wuhan) and FIFA all support the project, announced today (Wednesday, August 15, 2007) at a press conference held at Kun Lun Hotel in Beijing by the Chinese Sports Ministry and Chinese Football Association together with Wei Wei.

16 countries, 16 songs, 16 communities
The song “Go-Girl-Go!/Fly With Me” by Swedish songwriters Jörgen Elofsson, Robert Habolin and Johan Åberg is, with the accompanying video, a salute to the female athletes taking part in the World Cup and also to the spectacular growth of women’s soccer. An estimated 26 million females are now playing the sport across the world. The song was recorded in Stockholm and distributed by EMI Music and Wei Wei Music.

As a tribute to all the participating teams and fans, the song, Go-Girl-Go, has also been recorded in 16 local versions: Go-China-Go, Go-USA-Go, Go-Sweden-Go etc.

These song titles are also the base of a global community network of mobile portals and web sites with the same domain names – go-sweden-go, go-usa-go etc. This digital community is developed for instant publishing of content generated by users on mobile phones for mobile phones and web sites. Fans are invited by Wei-Wei and the FC Barcelona players to upload their own versions of the salute to their favorite athlete or team. The community will be launched later in August.

Get the spirit, Get Go-Girl-Go!

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