Donating against Burnout - The WeShape Employee Bonus for mental health

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Those who donate or help others, gain added value for their own well-being. It makes us happy to contribute to a society and to support others. Both in terms of volunteering and in terms of donating. uses this motivational factor and offers employers a tool to promote the mental health of employees.

Employee bonus for mental health

Purpose - or the creation of meaning in everyday work - is an important pillar for more well-being and satisfaction and can thus be an instrument for preventing burnout. Lived purpose in the sense of social togetherness starts with corporate values and extends to the corporate citizenship activities. The advantage here is that employees can actively do good themselves by volunteering during normal working hours or by being involved in the distribution of corporate donations. The Purpose is made tangible by supporting organizations that are close to their hearts. Employees can draw energy and motivation from the passion with which they pursue their important work. An employee bonus for mental health.

WeShape as a tool for creating meaning

WeShape offers managers a tool to provide this social bonus for employees. Through the donation platform, employees get access to exciting non-profit organizations. The monthly distribution of the donation budget spreads the impact over the entire year. In addition, the organizations regularly share positive news about their work with their supporters via the integrated feed, which increases the effect on well-being.

Workplace mental health

According to the preliminary evaluation of the TK Health Report 2021, mental illnesses are responsible for around 20% of sick days among employees in Germany. The results also show an increase in occurrences of mental illness in recent years
Also according to the DDI's Global Leadership Forecast 2021, impending burnout is an immense problem for companies. As many as 60% of executives and 86% of "high potential" employees feel washed out at the end of the working day, which also has an impact on their considerations to leave the company. 

Promoting workplace mental health

Companies therefore have a vested interest in taking countermeasures and promoting workplace mental health. To do so, managers need assistance, since according to the DDI study, only 18% of respondents feel able to support employees in avoiding burnout. And it is precisely for this purpose that offers a tool that benefits everyone. 

This is how it works

WeShape allows companies to actively engage their employees in the donation process. The management decides on the donation budget and a pre-selection of a specific number of projects, which are integrated into the company's internal project pool. Then the company’s employees (users)  have the freedom to individually distribute, on a monthly basis, their share of the company's donation to projects that are close to their hearts. 



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WeShape is growing fast. Founded in June 2020, WeShape and its team of web developers, UX designers and business developers were already able to win over exciting social projects such as "Skateistan" and "Deutschland summt!" for the idea. Thanks to the corporate added value for image, brand and employer branding, the platform is also already attracting great interest from various companies, including Customer Alliance GmbH and Naturstrom AG. WeShape has apparently struck a nerve. The Berlin-based company is financed by a monthly fee from companies. The amount is based on the number of employees.




Quick facts

WeShape offers managers a tool to provide employees with a social bonus for mental health. This enables companies to actively involve their employees in the donation process and to draw strength and motivation from the social commitment and positive feedback of the organizations.
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