Introducing, the ANSR: SOLE®

The Unique Electric Callus Remover Banishes Unsightly Calluses -

Taking the Embarrassment Out of Bare Feet

Portland, OR (September 2011) – According to a study by Kelton Research for the American Podiatric Medical Association, more than 50 percent of women say they are embarrassed by their feet. Whether feet are dry and cracked or just need a little extra love and care, the new ANSR: SOLE will make anyone  proud to go barefoot. The ANSR: SOLE utilizes painless technology giving consumers a unique, easy-to-use way to obtain beautiful and healthy feet in minutes a day. Throw away the messy creams and traditional pumice stones, the ANSR: SOLE, available now, is unlike any other callus remover on the market.

The ANSR: SOLE is a hand held, rechargeable callus remover that offers an effortless and no-mess solution to uncomfortable, embarrassing calluses. This effective and user-friendly beauty tool features a portable, cordless, no-slip design that is attractive enough to leave on your bathroom counter.

To use, simply soak your feet and the ANSR:SOLE’s powerful polishing plate and motor will do the rest, gently working away calluses until the toughened skin is removed, revealing smooth, healthy skin. Excess particles are captured in the debris container, which can be emptied and washed. A silicon guard also comfortably helps collect debris preventing mess, making the entire process effortless. The ANSR: SOLE not only works well on dry, cracked feet, but is a great solution for anyone looking to maintain healthy feet throughout the year.

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About ANSR:

ANSR: is a privately held, Portland-based company committed to developing innovative products to support healthy skin and body wellness. ANSR: provides effective and unique beauty solutions utilizing technology. ANSR: products are brilliantly designed to be easily integrated into professional treatment rooms and consumer lifestyles. For more information visit:


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