Wexxa launches a unique CRM application for developers to the palm os# platform.

WEXXA LAUNCHES A UNIQUE CRM APPLICATION FOR DEVELOPERS TO THE PALM OS® PLATFORM. Developer's who are members of Wexxas network benefits from increased revenues, increased use of their application and ability to communicate with end users on the handheld. Stockholm, Sweden, October 09, 2000. Wexxa Mobile Media Technology AB develops a platform for interactive communication with users of mobile devices. The platform enhances the ability for the companies developing and marketing solutions for handheld computers to have effective communication with the end users. Wexxa will offer developers of applications for the Palm OS® platform a membership in a worldwide network. The developers will register the applications they want to sign up for the program, make the applications "Wexxa enabled" within a couple of minutes, and from then be able to communicate with the user. A Wexxa enabled application is integrated with Wexxas CRM application, which supports the communication with the user. The first version of Wexxas application will include functionality to send information to the user about new versions of their program etc. and to receive information about the use of the applications. The unique technology developed by Wexxa will provide substantial benefits to the developers in order to increase their revenues, build relations with the user and to increase the volume of the applications, i.e. CRM functionality. "The network provides developers who are members the ability to differentiate from others outside the network. There is a need for communicating with Palm handheld users and the obvious way is to do it on the Palm handheld computer, when they are using it, wherever they are," says Thomas Petersen VP of Sales and Marketing of Wexxa. "We are committed to building up a global network that will result in new and enhanced applications for the users and high profitability for the developers. We strongly believe in the force of the Palm Economy for the mobile future and we want to make it even stronger." The growth in Palm OS® developers to approximately 100,000 today and the explosion of applications create a substantial base for the network to grow. The increase in developers and applications also calls for an effective communication with the users. By simply integrating the applications the network members will differentiate from other developers both from revenue and a quality perspective. The developers will receive information about the use of their applications; users will view the information about upgrades etc. and give feedback to the developers when using the application. The network was launched in the mid of September and the applications enabled for user dialogue can be downloaded to the handheld from the end of September. The subscription for the network is free and additional services to the user will be bundled with the developer's application. Wexxa Mobile Media Technology is a privately held start-up company based in Stockholm the Wireless Valley and the heart of mobile innovation. Wexxa develops and market solutions for digital media in order to enhance the relationship with mobile users. Palm OS and Palm are registered trademarks of Palm Inc. Media Contact Media Contact Thomas Petersen Tobias Tödt VP Sales & Marketing CEO Wexxa Mobile Media Wexxa Mobile Media Technology Technology +46 709 989 112 +46 709 980 300 thomas@wexxa.com tobias@wexxa.com ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT http://www.bit.se The following files are available for download: http://www.bit.se/bitonline/2000/10/09/20001009BIT00140/bit0001.doc http://www.bit.se/bitonline/2000/10/09/20001009BIT00140/bit0002.pdf