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  • Sthlm 01 – A new landmark in Stockholm gained the outstanding green building certification

Sthlm 01 – A new landmark in Stockholm gained the outstanding green building certification

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Architecture can be used as a tool for cultivating creativity. If the environment put a great deal of focus on comfort, space, color and lighting, studies shows that it can conduce the human creativity. The connection between a person and a place can trigger creativity. Sthlm 01 is the new skyscraper in Stockholm that contributing to creativity through communication and interactions. The building has achieved the outstanding green certification LEED platinum.


Photo: Anders Bobert

The closed shape of the building rises as a neutral element in the lively surroundings. The façades grid is embracing the angular building and the complementary colors creates that beautiful blend when the light hits the building. Sthlm 01 is truly a masterpiece, and it’s also a new landmark for the city. The architects behind Sthlm 01 is a firm called Sauerbruch & Hutton, and they’re known for their colorful and spectacular buildings.

” The biggest challenge with the project was to achieve all of our goals regarding time and budget. It’s a marvelous building with many different technical innovations that has required a lot of time for testing and adjustment since the innovations are new and tailor made for the project. One example is the recessed façade, the free-standing canopy and a specially designed high-temperature ventilation system. Thanks to our close cooperation with builders and consultants we’re very pleased with what we’ve achieved”, says Lina Lahiri, Partner at Sauerbruch Hutton.

The building is not only an eye-catching establishment, it’s also a place for connection. Common spaces are a priority, and on the old industrial land there’s now a new architecture with room for 1500 workplaces, and a place for creativity. With the 102 meters of height, Sthlm 01 is one of the capital highest buildings, and the contractor Skanska made sure to take full advantage of that – Niklas Ahlbom will serve top quality food and drinks at the restaurant and rooftop bar located on the 27th floor.

”Sthlm 01 is a spectacular building decorating the silhouette of Stockholm. I believe the building is received well by the locals, and hopefully it’s become a symbol for the creative south” says Magnus Hellsten at SKANSKA.

Green building design

Sthlm 01 has received the outstanding green building certification LEED platinum (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) which verifies it has a green building design, construction, operations, and maintenance solutions. This is a proof of sustainability both for the environment and the people who will stay on site.

”Sthlm 01 is a sustainable office building not only through it’s LEED Platinum certification, but also in terms of a greater perspective through attractive design and available service for the public. Already in an early stage, the thought of having the office building as a natural part of the district set the tone for establishing life and movement 24/7. We’re modernizing a previously dormant part of Stockholm with the greatest respect for its inhabitants”, says Magnus Hellsten at SKANSKA.

The grid shaped facade from WICONA is made of aluminum and glass, those materials makes it easier to create geometrical shapes – the building is shaped as a trident. The golden triangle is a well-known theory in regards of composition for art, and Sthlm 01 took this art rule into it’s very core. Looking at the building, every angle creates an interesting expression.


Architect: Sauerbruch Hutton together with Bau
Contractor: Skanska
Metal builder: Staticus


  Caroline Jonson
Communication Manager
+46 76 113 9798


Over the last few decades the brand name of WICONA has developed into a synonym for aluminium profile systems that meet the highest standards. The high technological standards, rigorous system considerations and quality processing of the products, as well as comprehensive services and consultation, all make a significant contribution to the success of the brand. WICONA belongs to the Norwegian company Hydro, a fully integrated aluminium company with 35,000 employees in 40 countries on all continents, combining local expertise, worldwide reach and unmatched capabilities in R&D.

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