The new generation construction software: WICTOP 8.0

WICONA is now launching WICTOP 8.0, the first step towards a new generation construction software. With several new functions, a completely new and simplified design and improved user interface, there is nearly unlimited possibilities to create breathtaking and customized façade constructions.

WICTOP is the software programme for WICONA system constructions. The software solution provides support in all processes ranging from planning and calculation to ordering and activation of inventory management systems right through to the production of WICONA designs. The software combines all of the essential features, from the 3D processing of the project to technical drawings. WICTOP also offers information for the quality documents; U-value calculations (validated by ift Rosenheim) and EPD-reports.

WICTOP 8.0 is the first step in the development process for WICTOP. The user interface has been improved and the system is more compatible with other systems. The version offers good opportunities to adapt printouts and templates, and the programme is connected with different environment applications such as EPD environmental report, a growing demand on the market. With a common, global platform we can improve the processes safety, whilst the local adaptations stay unchanged. 

WICTOP 8.0 advantages at a glance:

  • New license system
    WICTOP 8.0 has a new license system, which ensures the running of the programme. External updates and changes do not any longer affect the license of the programme. The new licensing system also provides the possibility to move the license between different devices.
  • Online data update
    In WICTOP 8.0 the programme updates the database online automatically, which gives the users the latest version without having to upload this themselves. New price lists will also be integrated automatically into WICTOP 8.0.
  • New user interface
    WICTOP 8.0 offers a completely new, simplified layout. The menues are more user friendly and the programme gives quicker access and reduces the clicks in the processes. The search tool is improved and searches now in the entire database.
  • Tools for customized sum lists
    In the sum list the user can filter and sort in the same way as in an Excel file. The list can also easily be exported to Excel format. The user can search in the sum list through a new search function, and can easily design a customized and adapted sum list.
  • New text control
    In WICTOP 8.0 we have a new text control that gives access to all variables for values. The user can also create customized templates directly in the text control tool.
  • IFC export
    Export to IFC format (BIM models) can be made directly in the programme. WICTOP 8.0 also offers metadata management, which makes it possible for features such as U-value, sound insulation value and product name to follow the construction into the BIM model.

For questions regarding WICTOP 8.0 and our software solutions, please contact:

Midhet Cirkic
Telephone: +46 470-78 74 13





Quick facts

With several new functions, a new and simplified design and improved user interface, there is nearly unlimited possibilities to create breathtaking and customized façade constructions.
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