Milton Keynes Hospital cleans up with sweet smell and savings

Winterhalter chemicals save £2,000 per month

Milton Keynes Hospital is evolving.  It recently gained university status and is due to become a teaching hospital and strives to achieve and attract the highest standards of professionalism, in every aspect of its operation.  The cleanliness of catering was given the highest possible rating by food safety inspectors.  Even so, says catering manager Denise Clifford, “We are always trying to better ourselves.”  Recently the hospital switched to Winterhalter chemicals as a result of which, as well as achieving better cleaning, the hospital is saving money – and things smell sweeter. 

The Winterhalter chemicals are supplied by Alliance, from the company’s East Midlands branch. 

“We considered several brands before making our choice,” says Denise.  “There were two prime reasons for going with Winterhalter – we got better chemicals, at a better price.  In fact, we’ve reduced our chemical costs by about £2,000 per month.  And although the new chemicals are cheaper per litre, they actually last longer.” 

While quality and cost were prime drivers, Denise says there have been several additional benefits of switching to Winterhalter.  “The support is just brilliant,” she says.  “I’ve been in the industry for 29 years and I’ve never experienced better COSHH training.  And if there’s ever a question, we ring and there’s someone to give us the answer.”

Milton Keynes is using Winterhalter cleaning chemicals for kitchen and restaurant areas.  The hospital is also using the company’s enzyme drain maintainer, A81 BLUe, which uses natural microbes to clear drains of FOG and other accumulated organic matter.  It creates a film on the drain’s walls that provides long-lasting protection.  “It works really well, it’s eliminated the smell we used to get, and the dispensing system is dead simple to run – it feeds directly into the drain and you just replace the bottle of chemicals  when it runs out,” says catering supervisor Jenny McHugh.  “In fact, all the Winterhalter dispensing systems are easy to use and, of course, they save chemicals because they just give you exactly the dose you need.” 

Winterhalter is best known for warewashers and Milton Keynes hospital is impressed by the company’s warewash detergents, which it uses both at ward level and for the main kitchen dishwash system.  “The F-8000 detergent has made a huge difference,” says Denise.  “It’s been brilliant – almost too good to be true.  Not only in terms of cleanliness, but also it actually renovated the plastic beakers we have.  Plus, all the crockery smells cleaner – it’s lovely.  We’re using it across the board.” 

The hospital is so taken with the company’s chemicals that it is now replacing its old warewashers with Winterhalters.  “At ward level the Winterhalters’ thermal disinfection systems are most impressive, they are far superior to what we had before,” says Denise.  “The Environmental Health Officers did some decontamination tests and they passed with flying colours.  The machines are quicker, too, and easier to use, so we’re saving time, our staff are more efficient and we’re getting better results.

“In terms of cleaning up, Winterhalter really delivers.” 

Winterhalter provides a complete range of cleaning chemicals, including general kitchen and washroom cleaners, as well as dosing systems and applicators.  There is a comprehensive choice of warewasher chemicals, as well as specialist products such as glass renovators, enzyme-based drain maintainers and ice maker sanitizers.  The company has also developed BLUe, a range of cleaning chemicals specially formulated to minimise impact on the environment, using raw materials from renewable sources that are fully biodegradable.  Winterhalter delivers a full programme of training along with guides and graphics to ensure staff know how to use and operate cleaning products safely and effectively. 

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