WIN and In-telligent Sign Partnership to Enable Better Communication with Building Tenants

BURR RIDGE, Ill. (June 6, 2016) — Today, WIN, a leading distributed antenna systems (DAS) integrator, announced its partnership with In-telligent, a transformative mass notification mobile application. This partnership will allow property owners to facilitate quicker, more effective communication with their tenants, employees and visitors — especially in regards to life-safety events.

The In-telligent app allows for timely dissemination of all building communications, including emergency alerts surrounding events like fires, active shooters and missing persons. For the first time, property managers can efficiently issue announcements, promotional messaging and other updates directly to all building occupants. The use of smart building technologies like the In-telligent app is essential for improving communications and increasing tenant satisfaction.

With the increasing use of smart building technologies comes an increased need for reliable in-building connectivity. In today’s connected world, in-building connectivity problems are widespread due to the heavy use of cell service in major metropolitan areas. WIN’s DAS solutions help improve poor cell signal in buildings, allowing them to effectively incorporate smart technologies like In-telligent. WIN also has the capability to customize a building’s infrastructure to support enhanced technologies like BLE emitters and iBeacons, which assist with geofencing and geotargeting.

“Mobile usage is no longer a luxury in our modern world. It’s a necessity. The demand for good cell service is only going to get stronger as the years progress, so connectivity matters. As property owners look to implement smart technologies, they have to start with connectivity. It’s vital for property owners to have proper in-building cell signal to keep their tenants around,” said WIN’s CEO, Thomas K. Crotty.

A connected world also allows information to be transmitted more efficiently. “In the event of an emergency, delivering information quickly and efficiently is a matter of life or death. In-telligent ensures that building owners can quickly and easily deliver messages that will be noticed by the people most impacted. When apps are powered by reliable connectivity, the property’s community becomes safer, more informed and more content,” said Allan C. Sutherland, president and CEO of In-telligent.

Besides ensuring a satisfying relationship between building owners and their tenants, the partnership also facilitates a unique funding model that allows building owners to provide connectivity to their tenants without needing to take on the entire cost of the DAS installation. Building owners should also expect to see a significant reduction in their property and casualty insurance premiums, due to the increased safety that the In-telligent app provides.

For more information about the partnership between WIN and In-telligent, call 630.325.6254 or visit

Andrew Maier


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WIN is the nation's leading provider of indoor distributed antenna system (DAS) solutions for high-rises. For nearly 20 years, WIN has solved connectivity challenges for major mobile network carriers and enterprises ranging in size from 20 to 20,000 employees. They are experts at helping clients overcome radio frequency (RF) obstructions and customizing DAS solutions for enhanced cellular technologies. They are the only provider who offers a 100% guarantee of ubiquitous coverage in the segments they are hired to address.

About In-telligent

In-telligent LLC is focused on solving the most difficult communication challenges facing property and community managers. Its revolutionary iOS and Android App allows administrators to deliver targeted, timely, enhanced messaging to followers in geographically designated areas through auto-enrollment. Followers can also subscribe to receive messages whether or not they are physically present in those communities, to ensure they are kept up-to-date while they are away. Through In-telligent, not only can messaging be smarter and more targeted but also measurable unlike more traditional forms of outreach. The In-telligent App is currently being implemented in buildings and communities throughout the United States. By the end of the year, In-telligent LLC expects to expand in properties and communities in the UK and selected other areas of Europe.  


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Wireless Information Networks (WIN) is the Nation’s leading provider of indoor Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) for Multi-Tenant High Rise Office Buildings in Major Metropolitan Areas. With over 50 years of combined Radio Frequency (RF) engineering, design, deployment and cellular carrier management experience, we can offer a multi-level consulting and management platform to enterprises from 20 to 20,000 employees. WIN can overcome any RF obstruction and ensure maximum mobile coverage.



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