Glostrup municipality first to use qualified electronic signatures in Denmark

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Glostrup municipality first to use qualified electronic signatures in Denmark Glostrup municipality is launching Denmark's first municipal pilot project involving open electronic signatures. The project is scheduled to go live October 2002 and is being delivered by Sign Ons fellow subsidiary SignForm A/S in Copenhagen. This means the municipality is stealing a march on the Minister for Science, Helge Sander, as the Minister does not expect to have the frameworks for digital signatures finally in place before the end of the year. - The faster we can gain practical experience of new technology, the faster it can benefit our local residents and companies, says mayor Søren Enemark (A). The aim of the pilot project is to facilitate communication between the municipality and its local residents and businesses. - The companies selected for the trial will be able to submit a number of relevant forms digitally. This facilitates the workflow both for the business and within the municipality's administration, avoiding arduous manual completion, submission and subsequent processing, explains Henrik Nellager, Director of IT for Glostrup municipality. It is not only the municipality's administration and local companies which will benefit from the project; local residents will also be able to participate: - Parents will be able to apply electronically for a place for their children in childcare, at a day-care or in an after-school scheme. This means we are taking an important step towards improving the municipality's service to its local residents, emphasises mayor Søren Enemark. - Glostrup municipality is the Danish municipality which has gone the furthest in offering services to its local residents via the Internet and we are therefore extremely proud that they have chosen us, says Andreas Halvarsson, vice President of Sign On. We have a product which requires nothing more than language adaptation to be used in public administration, industry and organisations in Sweden and abroad explains Halvarsson. For further information: Andreas Halvarsson, vice President of Sign On,tel: +46 (0)8-555 290 07, +46 (0)70-545 95 95, e-mail: Images for free publication are available to download at ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: