Sign On - first in the world with signatures on the Internet

Sign On - first in the world with signatures on the Internet The Swedish public company Sign On will be the first company in the world with a complete system for signing electronic forms on the Internet. For five years, the noted company Sign On has been building up and selling a system with electronic forms and sign form hotels, which the main owner SignForm is launching globally. Now FormPipe is being launched and FormPipe is a program for electronic signatures "We're launching the fully completed FormPipe programme in Sweden and it is currently being tested by a number of customers prior to a worldwide marketing," says Bosse Falgard, General Manager of Sign On. "Through our sister companies SignForm we already have sales organisations in 11 countries but we are currently increasing our sales to additional countries," Bosse Falgard says. FormPipe is based on the world-standard PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) which means that a person can be identified and his personal data can be safely transferred and digitally coded, a precondition for the electronic signature. The FormPipe programme takes care of the entire transaction, from an electronic form to a signed agreement on the Internet. "When the USA and Sweden last year agreed to legislate electronic signatures as legally binding signatures, we decided to focus and make a large investment in developing the software FormPipe in order to be first on the market with a complete programme for electronic signatures on the Internet. We succeeded in doing this and are now expecting a large, worldwide growth rate for FormPipe," Bosse Falgard means. In Sweden, the legislation of electronic signatures took effect on January st st 1 , in the USA it has been applied since November 1 and by mid June it will come into force in all EU-member countries. The new law, that an electronic signature on the computer and on the Internet is as valid as a handwritten signature, is going to revolutionize the management of agreements and contracts that are much faster and with full security. For further information, please contact Bosse Falgard, General Manager of Sign On, at Ph: + 46-8-555 290 00, mobile: + 46-8-70-946 05 68. e-mail: Sign On AB (publ) is noted at OM, the New Market at the Stockholm Stock Exchange. The company has about 50 employees, it has produced and sold subscriptions for electronic forms since 1996 and has developed the software programme FormPipe, which is owned by the company. Sign On is a Swedish agent for Sign Form, an Internet based database for all types of forms that authorities, companies and private people require. SignForm has offices in 11 countries at the present. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: