Sign On takes an important step towards patent for FormPipe

Sign On takes an important step towards patent for FormPipe The stock-market listed company, Sign On, has received a positive patentability opinion from the patent authority WIPO/PCT (World Intellectual Property Organisation / Patent Cooperation Treaty), stating that the method of secure transmission of electronically signed documents via the Internet that has been applied to be patented, is patentable. Sign On will therefore now complete its application concerning patent protection in important countries. In the USA, a patent application was submitted two years ago. Peter Kylin, Managing Director of Hynells Patenttjänst AB, who manages Sign On's patent questions says: "We believe that PCT's document is very strong and consider that the probability is great that Sign On will obtain a patent in those countries where an application is submitted. PCT confirms that FormPipe fulfils the patentability requirements of innovation, degree of inventiveness and industrial applicability". Bosse Falgard, Sign On's President & CEO, adds: "PCT's opinion implies considerable advantages and opportunities for Sign On when we now negotiate with agents, customers and licensees for FormPipe at both a global and domestic level". FormPipe is a system that enables the transmission of documents by many Internet users with an electronic signature to public authorities, municipalities or large companies. An electronically signed document today has the same legal status as a traditionally signed paper document. PCT is an authority administered by the WIPO - The World Intellectual Property Organisation, in Geneva. PCT does not approve patents, but is an interim procedure for patent applicants with global ambitions. Instead of submitting patent applications in every country of interest, just one application to a PCT authority is sufficient (a few selected patent offices, including the Swedish office) whereby interim protection is obtained. A decision must then be made within 18 months concerning the countries where one would like to complete the patent application. Upon completion, protection is counted as of the date of submission of the application to PCT. For further information, please contact: Andreas Halvarsson, Vice President of Sign On, ph: +46-8-555 290 07, Mobile: +47-8-70-545 95 95, e-mail: Photos for free publishing can be downloaded at Sign On AB (publ) is listed on OM, the New Market at the Stockholm Exchange. The company has 65 employees, has produced and sold subscriptions for electronic forms since 1996. Sign On has developed the software program FormPipe that the company owns. Sign On is the Swedish agent for Sign Form, an Internet based database for all types of forms that authorities, companies and private people require. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: