2,500 tech women take over Waterfront on March 6

WITsthlm2020 is the seventh annual Women in Tech conference - the largest conference for women in technology across the Nordics. Last year, the tickets ended in 45 seconds. In order to meet the event's growing popularity, Women in Tech is moving to Stockholm Waterfront. Thanks to the generous support of 30 industry leading Swedish technology companies, tickets are free. This year the tickets will be released on January 30 at 12 noon.

WITsthlm2020 is the Nordic region's largest event for women in the technology industry. Every year, more and more people want to take part of the conference. To accommodate this significant growth, this year the conference moves to Stockholm Waterfront. More than 2,500 participants will be able to take part in continuing to create a strong community for women in the technology industry, while also working to engage more women in tech in the future. WITsthlm2020 is created through the support of record number of companies. They are all behind the conference who want to highlight that it is critical for the industri that more women choose a career in tech and that those who are already here should want to stay in the industry.

- Women in Tech is driven by companies and individuals who want to create change. From the companies' point of view, it is a matter of survival to bring in the best talent for their teams, and good teams consist of people with different perspectives and experiences. This is where our partners make a difference every day, with their work on diversity and recruitment, says Elin Eriksson, Director of Women in Tech Sweden, and continues:

- When we ask our nearly 9000 members what they think most impacts their career decisions, they say their networks and roles models are most important. It is easier to imagine a career in the field if you see someone you can identify with who has an exciting role, has done groundbreaking research or founded a tech start up. At WITsthlm2020 there is both the network and role models, both on stage and among the forward-thinking participants. I am very happy and proud that this unique movement has grown even bigger and our new venue offers the chance for more collaboration and meeting.

Free tickets thanks to support from our partners
WITsthlm2020 usually takes place on International Women's Day, but since it is a Sunday this year, the conference will instead be held on Friday, March 6. The program for this year's conference will be published within the next few weeks and tickets will be released on Thursday, January 30 at 12 noon. The interest in the conferences has grown every year since its inception in 2014 and last year's seats were fully booked in 45 seconds after the ticket release.

As in previous years, the tickets are completely free for participants thanks to the support of all the fantastic partners. We don’t want expensive ticket to be a barrier for those who are thinking about entering the tech industry.

This year's theme is "Beyond Barriers." Paulina Modlitba, who for the fifth year in a row, is the program manager for WITsthlm describes the theme:

- By and large, women overcome obstacles every day. We conduct sustainability research, photograph black holes, develop social robots that comfort lonely people, create sustainable winter jackets filled with flower petals instead of down, program DNA, develop ethical guidelines for advanced AI, put pressure on the big tech companies to take greater responsibility, and much more. But we also overcome obstacles that try to stop our progress: glass ceilings, discriminatory decisions, exclusionary cultures and ruling techniques. All this, and more, is what Women in Tech is all about. Here, we break new ground, gather together, and make the planet a better, and more sustainable, place to live.

Main partners Women in Tech 2020:
Accenture, Cybercom Group, Ericsson, and EY

Co-creating Partners Women in Tech 2020:
Bonnier News, H&M Group, ICA Group, Kindred Group, NENT Group, Planview International, Scania, Storytel, Tele2, TietoEVRY, Tobii, and Volvo Cars

Supporting Partners Women in Tech 2020:
ATG, Betsson, CGI, Electrolux, Hemnet, Klarna, Nasdaq, Salesforce, Schibsted, SEB, Snow Software, Swedbank, Veoneer, and Visma.

The WITsthlm2020 program is still under development; details of speakers and breakout sessions will be published on womenintech.se.

For more information:
Women in Tech website: womenintech.se
Follow the events on social media via #WITsthlm2020
Press photos from WITsthlm2019: Women in Tech 2019 (free for use of media, citing photographer: Hilda Arneback)

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Women in Tech began as an event on International Women's Day 2014. Since then, Women in Tech has grown into a community, a platform and a movement. The goal of Women in Tech is to inspire women to choose a career in media and technology - and to get those already in the industry to stay - by providing networks, role models and experience of successful women and men from both the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds. This is done through an annual conference, WITsthlm and other networking and niche events. Women in Tech Sweden welcomes all genders, we need to work side by side to create change.