Woodbridge Amazons are no match for Blackheath

Match Report: Sunday 25 November 2012

National Challenge SE1 League - Blackheath 54 v Woodbridge Amazons 0

After over a month without a match the Amazons started slowly against highly ranked Blackheath, conceding a penalty for Carlton to take 3 points within the same number of minutes. Despite a beautiful artificial pitch and side wind that favoured neither team, Woodbridge looked rusty and indecisive struggling to gain and keep possession due to some poor rucking and scrappy set pieces. In contrast Blackheath were energetic and well organised patiently building play to put first Newby and then Leake over in the first quarter. The Amazons recent struggle to find a settled front row was evident as they lost the initiative in forward contact. Even the usually reliable back line of Stearn, Rickard, Stopard-Baker (playing 10 unusually) and Johnson were denied the space to run against the fast-approaching Blackheath line. Another three tries from Jones, Carlton (excellent at 10) and Newby emphasised the point before half time at 34:0.

Blackheath exploited some weak tackling out wide a minute after the restart for Leake to score her second as the Amazons tried to rally their defence and counter attack. Blackheath kicked well from hand however to keep the visitors pinned deep in their own half and chased hard to score on the ten (Watling), twenty and thirty minute marks (the latter both full back Newby). They repeated a familiar pattern of kick, charge, gather or steal and move quick ball against a defence that didn’t reset fast enough.

The Amazons will have to raise their game to stay in this League against accomplished opponents like Blackheath.

Blackheath 54 v Woodbridge Amazons 0

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