Woodafe Timber Protection wins WPA:s Project of the Year

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Woodsafe took home the “Project of the Year” award at the Wood Protection Association (WPA) Award Event 2020.

For the sixth year, the award has become a popular annual event in the UK as a relevant and important part of the wood industry. https://www.thewpa.org.uk/

Mjöstornet in Brummundal Morway is with 85,4 m above the sea level the worlds tallest wooden building. The award Project of the Year at WPA:s ceremony was taken home by Woodsafe Timber Protection for the flame-retardant impregnated wooden façade for exterior use.

Mjöstornets wooden façade is a Thermowood D Pine delivered by Woodify AS in Norway and flame retardant impregnated with Woodsafe Fire-X.

“The fact that Woodsafe takes home the prize in a fierce international competition is another measure of the value of our services and end product not only in the Scandinavian market but also internationally.” says Market Manager Daniel Pesic

This year the conditions have been different with Covid 19 and in order to guarantee the safety of all participants the WPA Awards was held in a virtual space.

WPA:s CEO Gordon Ewbank and the events host commented: “Organizing the 2020 award as an online event means that, despite Covid 19, our industry can still come together in a safe way to recognize and reward excellence.

“Team Woodsafe is honored by this award and looks forward to the coming years with a series of new super coll wooden-projects in the pipeline” says Thomas Bentsson CEO.

Many thanks for the award and greetings from the staff at Team Woodsafe!

More info: https://www.woodsafe.se/en

Thomas Bengtsson, CEO of Woodsafe Timber Protection AB

Thomas.bengtsson@woodsafe.com | + 46-10-206 72 31

Daniel Pesic Market & Media Strategies | daniel@woodsafe.se | + 46-10-206 72 34

About Woodsafe Timber Protection AB:For 30 years, Woodsafe Timber Protection has developed a high-quality production to ensure reliable and long-term fire protection of wood products in many countries. The Cederhusen in Stockholm, Mall of Scandinavia, Turning Torso and the world's tallest wooden building, Mjöstornet in Norway (Read about Mjöstornet) are some of the well-known examples in Woodsafes portfolio.

Mjstornet Brummundal Norway