MARK Display Standard Range Relieves Manufacturing Hands

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ProGlove’s wearable barcode scanners are a major relief for manufacturers across industries. Yet MARK Display Standard Range, the latest extension, may very well become a real lifeline for shop floor operators. After all, it helps optimize overall efficiency, process reliability, and worker well-being. Here is how.

So, what are some issues manufacturing organizations face? And maybe more importantly, how can MARK Display Standard Range help address them? It all starts with the indispensable process documentation. A prerequisite that can be extremely strict depending on the industry and local market. But it all boils down to every step needing to be documented. Every step means every step, errors are not an option. So, you want to eliminate all manual jobs if possible. Barcodes are an easy way to resolve this concern. But if you need to scan every other second, you will lose valuable time for picking up and putting down the scanner gun. But MARK Display Standard Range is different. Thanks to its human centered design, it can help save six seconds per scan for the hands on the shop floor.

The question of comprehensive documentation goes hand in hand with the necessity to track and trace products. Traceability is obviously a vital objective many manufactures need to pursue for a variety of reasons. A very common one is a product recall because of faulty components. So, it goes without saying that organizations are keen to avoid assembly errors. Therefore, MARK Display Standard Range provides the perfect support. Because it comes with an adjustable e-paper display that can provide immediate feedback when an item is being assembled. This can help rule out about a third of the common errors in that regard.

MARK Display Standard Range provides superb guidance

Aside from that, it is wise to expect that things do not always turn out as planned. So, executives and line managers need to make adjustments every once in a while. That includes re-assigning workers to other workstations or providing new directives. As MARK Display comes with an integrated display it can superbly support this quest by providing guidance, directions, work orders, etc.

So, at the end of the day, MARK Display Standard Range accelerates processes, generates room for alignment and allows for massive worker relief. Yes, that’s right “massive”. Keep in mind this little device has only the size of a matchbox and weighs barely two ounces. To provide some context here: This means that MARK can cut the weight that workers must lift in high-frequency scanning environments by as much as 1.5 metric tons.

It is also worth mentioning that every second saved generates more room to align workflows so that processes become more reliable. But MARK Display Standard Range can do even more. Businesses can also significantly diminish the risk of accidents as workers can focus better on the job at hand. MARK Display Standard Range provides a non-intrusive way to deliver guidance with all senses – no distractions, no unnecessary travel time or memorizing of work orders!

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MARK Display Standard Range integrates easily into your corporate network. On top of that, it does not require countless hours of training. This industry-leading barcode scanner can handle up to 6,000 scans per load and charges in less than two hours. Also, thanks to its human-centered design, it allows for the best possible dexterity in the market.

So, there are plenty of good reasons to chose MARK Display Standard Range. With that said, you may wonder whether this little device is a fit for tough environments. But there is no reason to worry on that account.  MARK Display Standard Range is built to last and certified to withhold 500 tumbles from one meter.

Curious to find out how much you can save by relying on MARK Display Standard Range? Check out our ROI calculator to learn more!

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