About Us

About World Skateboarding Grand Prix (WSGP)World Skateboarding Grand Prix is the leading international skateboarding events management company. WSGP hosts world-class skateboarding events with a commitment to help stimulate local economies through tourism while supporting youth development, especially those in underserved or impoverished communities. WSGP events including the Rider Cup Team Championships, Southeast Asia Skateboarding Championships, Turkish Skateboarding Championships, U.S. Skateboarding Championships, the South African Championships and the World Skateboarding Championships at the Kimberley Diamond Cup. For the latest news and information on World Skateboarding Grand Prix events, visit www.worldskateboarding.com and follow WSGP on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. WSGP has offices in Vietnam, U.K., United States, Turkey and South Africa. For WSGP’s corporate site, go to www.worldskateboardinginternational.com. For more information, send an email to info@worldskateboarding.com or call 888-660-1113.