STOCK EXCHANGE RELEASE          September 30, at 12 a.m.

Held on Sep 30, 2015, Wulff Group Plc’s extraordinary general meeting decided that the number of board members is four. Johanna Marin, Ari Pikkarainen, Andreas Tallberg and Heikki Vienola were elected as members of the Board of Directors. The organizing meeting of Wulff Group Plc’s Board of Directors, held after the extraordinary general meeting, decided that the Chairman of the Board is Heikki Vienola.

The extraordinary general meeting decided that the members of the Board of Directors will receive a monthly fee of EUR 1,250.

The extraordinary general meeting decided to change the Articles of Association regarding the delivery of the invitation, so that the invitation shall be published on Wulff Group Plc’s website. Articles of Association 9 § was decided to be changed as follows:

”The invitations to the General Meeting are published on the company’s website at the earliest two months and not later than 21 days prior to the General Meeting, but not later than nine days before the General Meeting record date. In addition, the Board of Directors may decide to publish the notice in some other manner.

To be entitled to participate in a General Meeting, the shareholder shall notify the company of participation by the date indicated in the invitation, which may be at the earliest five days before the meeting.”

In Helsinki on September 30, 2015



Further information:

Chairman of the Board of Directors Heikki Vienola

tel. +358 9 5259 0050 or mobile: +358 50 65 110



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It all started from a small stationary store. This year Wulff celebrates 125 years of success.

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