Wulff Group Plc: Manager Transaction - Heikki Vienola

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Wulff Group Plc has received a notification from Heikki Vienola, Wulff Group Plc’s Member of the Senior Advisory Board and Growth Expert, of a transaction made with its financial instrument, according to the EU Market Abuse Regulation. Detailed information about the transaction is given in the table below.

Name: Heikki Vienola
Position: Member of the Senior Advisory Board and Growth Expert
Issuer: Wulff Group Plc
LEI: 74370016PW2V4W02LX91
Notification type: Initial notification
Reference number: 74370016PW2V4W02LX91_20200603093518_9
Transaction date: 2.6.2020
Venue: Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd (XHEL)
Nature of the transaction: Acquisition
Instrument: Wulff Group Plc share (WUF1V, ISIN: FI0009008452) 

Transaction details

Volume Unit price (EUR)
10000 1.49

Aggregated transactions

Volume Volume weighted average price (EUR)
10000 1.49

Additional information:
CEO Elina Pienimäki
tel. +358 40 647 1444
email: elina.pienimaki@wulff.fi


NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Oy

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