Wulff Group Plc: Share repurchase 11.6.2020

Wulff Group Plc Announcement 11.6.2020

Wulff Group Plc: Share repurchase 11.6.2020

Helsinki Stock Exchange
Trade date 11/06/2020
Bourse trade BUY
Share WUF1V
Amount 660 Shares
Average price / share 1,5767 EUR
Total Cost 1 040,60 EUR
Wulff Group Plc now holds a total of  144 260 Shares
including the shares repurchased on 11/06/2020
On behalf of Wulff Group Plc:
Lago Kapital Ltd
Jarkko Järvitalo        Jani Koskell
Additional information:
CEO Elina Pienimäki
tel. +358 40 647 1444
email: elina.pienimaki@wulff.fi

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WULFF – A BETTER WORLD ONE WORKPLACE AT A TIME Wulff enables working in environments where companies and entrepreneurs operate. Already, people work a lot away from the office: digitalization enables telework and at the same time, mobile work creates new requirements for working environments. How to ensure that people can work effectively, ergonomically, environmentally friendly – and exactly like they want to? Wulff has the answers. We offer the industry’s most comprehensive product and service range that can help you create an office wherever you want it. What would you like? We offer our customers office supplies, facility management products, catering solutions, IT supplies, ergonomics, first aid, and innovative products for worksites. Customers can also acquire international exhibition services from Wulff. Check out our products and services at wulff.fi.


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