Wulff Group Plc starts to buy back its own shares

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The Board of Directors of Wulff Group Plc has decided to start buy back its own shares in accordance with the authorization granted by the Annual General Meeting on April 8, 2022. The shares to be acquired are intended to be used to finance acquisitions and other arrangements according to the company´s growth strategy.

The maximum number of shares to be repurchased is 70,000, which corresponds to approximately 1.01% of the total number of Wulff Group Plc shares. The shares will be acquired through public trading on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki, at the market price quoted at the time of the repurchase, in accordance with the rules regarding the acquisition of company's owns shares. The acquisition of own shares will begin no earlier than October 26, 2022 and end no later than December 30, 2022.

The Annual General Meeting held on April 8, 2022, authorized the Board of Directors to decide on the repurchase of a maximum of 300,000 own shares in one or more tranches. The acquisition of own shares may be for use by the company to carry out acquisitions or other arrangements related to the company's business, to improve the company's financial structure, as part of the implementation of the company's incentive plan or otherwise for further transfer or cancellation. The authorization is valid until April 30, 2023.

A maximum of EUR 0.2 million can be used to repurchase the company's own shares. The company's own shares are repurchased other than in proportion to the shares owned by the shareholders with the company's free equity.

Wulff Group Plc has a total of 6,907,628 shares. Wulff Group Plc currently owns 44,812 shares.

In Espoo on October 25, 2022


Further information:
CEO Elina Pienimäki
tel. +358 40 647 1444
e-mail: elina.pienimaki@wulff.fi 

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