Victory as European Parliament votes for sustainable fisheries!

Strasbourg, France: After a Committee vote in December that was praised by WWF as a milestone vote for sustainable fisheries, today all members of the European Parliament voted 502 to 137 in favour again of the draft report by Ulrike Rodust (S&D, DE) on the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) Basic Regulation, the cornerstone of the CFP reform package.

All of the five WWF key asks for the CFP reform were voted through.

“Today something truly exceptional has happened – the European Parliament voted for a strong fisheries reform to let our oceans recover and ensure the sustainability of fisheries in the EU. This is a triumph especially in these times of crisis and despite strong opposition from certain politicians with unsustainable industry interests”, Roberto Ferrigno, Common Fisheries Policy Project Coordinator, WWF European Policy Office.

“Everyone wants a strong reform: citizens, industry and fishermen. Members of the European Parliament listened to their constituents and used their newly acquired powers to act and make a difference. Now it’s clear after this vote that it is a political priority to shape up EU fisheries and provide long-term stability to fishing communities, fishermen and businesses and the marine environment they depend on”.

“The oceans, fish and those who fish sustainably have won one half of the battle today. Next it is up to fisheries ministers to vote their position on this basic regulation. It will be a tough battle but we hope national governments will listen to the strong message issued by the Parliament, and will sweep away vested interests to ensure a long term sustainable future for our oceans and Europe’s fisheries economy”.


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