WWF statement in response to today’s historic address to the UN General Assembly by His Holiness Pope Francis

“The world needs a new era of global cooperation to ensure our survival. We must not only hear but also heed Pope Francis’s call to be courageous and work together for the common good. That common good includes our planet, its lands, oceans, rivers, forests and species upon which all life depends.

“Only through bold action can we avoid leaving today’s challenges, including runaway climate change, to future generations. Our new, shared global plan for sustainable development empowers the world to take cooperative action. Faith guides many in their lives - now we need to have faith in the vision set by the Sustainable Development Goals.

“Living in harmony with nature means valuing it and treating it with the respect it deserves. This plan for our planet prioritizes environment, equity, and equality. Leaders can use it to shepherd us toward a sustainable future.”