Upper Quartile and WYG secure multi-million Libyan employment programme contract

30 April 2014
Press release
Upper Quartile and WYG secure multi-million Libyan employment programme contract

International economic strategy consultancy, Upper Quartile, has secured the latest contract for its partnership with multidisciplinary consultancy, WYG.

The partners have been awarded a competitive £2.5million Department for International Development (DFID) contract, to deliver the creation of jobs for 18 to 35 year olds in Libya.

Following the conflict in the country, the Arab Partnership[1] awarded programme aims to improve the relationship between young job seekers and job centres in Libya, the SME Agency (Libya Enterprise) and 4 Chambers of Commerce throughout Libya  and use this to change the abilities of this demographic to find work.

The changes needed to make this happen include working with both the private and public sector and equipping both  with the necessary skilled staff, making them more accessible  and improving training programmes.

Working with local Government institutions and people on the ground in Libya is the challenge for Upper Quartile and WYG, who have agreed a strategic partnership to offer pragmatic solutions to enable change and improve the quality of life of people around the world.

The Libyan contract is the latest in their partnership and will take advantage of their combined global networks and experience.

Gavin Jones of Upper Quartile said: ‘Currently, Libyan jobseekers face many challenges. Finding employment is currently largely dependent on personal connections, and jobseekers receive limited assistance from government institutions. Our role will be to ensure job centres are located in the right places and to give staff the training, motivation and equipment they need to not just register with job centres, but to reduce the gap between private companies and young job seekers.’

Gavin added: ‘Our tender for this project was successful thanks to our partnership with WYG and the unique understanding of fragile and conflict economies. Together, we understand the challenges of developing the private sector in difficult places to work, and we have performed a similar role in countries such as Rwanda, Nigeria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and across North Africa.’

Graham Olver, WYG’s Chief Operating Officer, says the contract verifies WYG’s strategy for growth in this sector. Graham commented: ‘The fragile and conflict affected states (FCAS) sector is hugely competitive, but there are few firms who can offer experience, value and expertise in tandem. Our partnership with Upper Quartile is a strategic investment to cement our position in this sector, and this contract demonstrates that it is proving a success for both parties.’


[1] The Arab partnership is a joint programme between the FCO and DFID and is the UK government's long-term strategic response to the Arab Spring

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