WYG supports competition encouraging SMEs to use BIM

Registration now open for BIM4SMEs Build Newcastle Live 2015 competition, 16-18 March

Programme, project management and technical consultancy WYG is delighted to support the BIM4SME Build Newcastle Live 2015 competition taking place on 16-18 March. The event offers participants in small and medium enterprises all over the UK the opportunity to use BIM freely, in a safe virtual environment. WYG also sponsors the Open BIM Build Live Award handed to the overall winner: www.buildearthlive.com/newcastle

As part of its ambitious programme to modernise the sector, the UK Government has called for BIM technologies, process and collaborative behaviours to be used on all projects by 2016. Through the Build Newcastle Live initiative, WYG aims to facilitate the adoption of BIM among professionals at all levels of the construction industry.

In addition to the participants from SMEs, a team of students from Universities and the ‘Class of your own’ will also join the competition.

Johnathan Munkley, BIM Director, WYG, who has led the organisation of the event with Asite as part of the BIM4SME task group, comments: “We are extremely proud to facilitate knowledge and practice of BIM to SME organisations and individuals who may otherwise not have the opportunity. BIM is about collaboration, so not only is this competition a means to showcase talent and best practice, it is also a channel to enable confidence and stimulate communications in ways that will be of great benefit to the industry.”

It is expected that around 20 teams across the country will compete to build a project using the virtual Asite platform. Their task will be to create a construction package using 2,3,4,5,6D process with a 48-hour timeframe.

Following the competition, the award ceremony will take place in London on 19 March to recompense the winners in 6 different categories, including the overall Build Live Award, Best use of BIM for Innovation and BIM for Sustainability and constructability.

For more information about BIM4SME Build Newcastle Live 2015 and to register for the competition, visit www.buildearthlive.com

More information about BIM4SME can be found at www.bim4sme.com


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