Snow Acres and Wyld Networks collaborate to collect data from soil sensors in remote locations

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Wyld Networks today announces a partnership with Snow Acres, a Canadian sustainable agricultural resource management company, to bring satellite-connected data to Snow Acre’s remote soil moisture sensing technology.

Irrigated cropland currently makes up an estimated 275 million hectares globally and this is estimated to continue to grow by 0.6% annually. As climatic conditions add stress to water resource management, measuring soil moisture accurately will become ever more important for farmers, agronomists and agronomy platforms.

Farmers and growers looking to meet the significant challenges of collecting data from soil sensors often need to physically visit sensors or install costly and complex local area networks. With Wyld Networks' sensor-to-satellite connectivity, data is passed directly from sensors to low earth orbiting satellites before passing to applications and made available on desktops, tablets and mobile phones. Data will be collected at low power and low cost to meet the increasing demand to digitise farming, data that will enable optimised management of water resources, reduced inputs and increased yields.

Canada’s extensive agricultural assets include many areas poorly served by cellular coverage. Snow Acres has identified opportunities to deploy Wyld Connect to meet efficiency and sustainability targets utilising Wyld’s 100% global IoT coverage.

“We deliver sustainable agricultural resource management”, says, President of Snow Acres, Robert Watson. “Partnering with Wyld Networks will enable data delivery in any location in Canada and globally to meet the connectivity needs of our customers.”

“Managing data to meet sustainability goals at low cost and low power is essential for digitising crop agriculture”, said Alastair Williamson, CEO of Wyld Networks. “Wyld are delighted to be partnering with Snow Acres to meet this challenge in Canada by connecting sensors directly to low earth orbiting satellites.”

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