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  • Wyld Networks announces partnership with Wezen Group to deliver sensor-to-satellite technology for the agriculture sector in South America

Wyld Networks announces partnership with Wezen Group to deliver sensor-to-satellite technology for the agriculture sector in South America

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Wyld Networks and Wezen Group, a leading provider of Infrastructure, Networking and Operations services, today announce a partnership to bring remote sensor connectivity to the South American agtech market to enable increased data capture in areas of poor or no cellular coverage.

The purpose of the partnership is to deliver an end-to-end satellite Internet of things (IoT) trial, combining the parties’ assets and expertise and also to define terms of a future commercial business model between the two parties with Wezen acting as a reseller of Wyld Networks’ solutions.

Wezen’s extensive communications knowledge and understanding of the data requirements of agriculture in the region and Wyld Networks’ satellite solution, Wyld Connect, will allow affordable implementation of IoT connectivity in the South American market.

“It is my pleasure to announce that Wezen Group are working with Wyld Networks to deliver connectivity to the vast areas of agriculture in South America currently unable to connect to the IoT. Wyld’s products and strength in wireless electronics will generate significant new commercial opportunities for our business,” said Tomás Heredia of Wezen Group.

“Wezen Group are ideally placed to bring satellite connected IoT to the region. Their technical knowledge and understanding of the agricultural space is exceptional and together we will bring game-changing benefits to the agtech sector,” said Alastair Williamson, Wyld Networks CEO.

Satellite IoT connectivity in the agricultural sector

Approximately 85% of the Earth’s surface has no cellular coverage. This poses a major challenge for agriculture as it looks to take advantage of the IoT. Satellites can provide a solution to this problem.

New sensors are being developed to capture data in agrimetrics platforms that are revolutionising the sector. By connecting sensors directly to Low Earth Orbit satellites farmers can make informed reductions in inputs such as water, fertilizers, and pesticides, increase yields and improve sustainability. Soil moisture and nutrients, weather stations, plant health and livestock management need to be measured from the ground. Wyld Connect enables this connectivity at low power, low cost, and low maintenance, without the need for recharging or physical visits. Data will arrive straight to applications on desktops and smart phones.

For further information, please contact

Eric Hewitson, Business Development Manager, Wyld Networks
E-mail: eric.hewitson@wyldnetworks.com

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