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  • Wyld Networks partner with Agrology to combine affordable satellite IoT and predictive data analytics for agriculture

Wyld Networks partner with Agrology to combine affordable satellite IoT and predictive data analytics for agriculture

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Wyld Networks today announces a partnership with US-based Agrology, a leading actor in machine learning prediction and data analytics for the agricultural sector. The purpose of the partnership is to deploy Wyld’s satellite IoT solution to enable data collection from remote and hard to reach areas.

Agrology’s prediction and analytics engine combines agricultural data, collected by patented ground array sensors, with historical and regional weather data to anticipate changes and alert farmers in advance. With its prediction and analytics models, Agrology helps farmers better manage vital resources and predict weather patterns. The platform employs machine learning capabilities to further optimise the data collection over time. In 2021 this data helped Agrology’s customers sustainably exceed their yield targets by 20–40%.

Accuracy and volume of collected data is key parameters to provide farmers with predictive data that can enhance operational decision-making and thereby reduce resource wastage and improve yields. However, only 15% of the world surface has access to wireless connectivity. Traditionally, agriculture has suffered from very poor or no wireless coverage. Wyld Connect, an affordable low-power satellite IoT solution, solves this key problem of data collection by providing global wireless connectivity from anywhere in the world.

Agrology intends to integrate Wyld Connect into their ground array sensors to ensure that data can be collected anywhere in the world for input into the Agrology prediction and data analytics engine.

“We are delighted to be working together with Agrology. Prediction and data analytics platforms are a key part of the end-to-end value chain and Agrology brings unique and best-in-class capabilities, providing customers with affordable actionable data and machine learning predictions”, said Alastair Williamson, CEO of Wyld Networks. “We will continue to secure agreements ahead of the commercial launch of our IoT solution. By working together with end users, system integrators, and sensors manufacturers in a range of sectors, we create a broad ecosystem of customers with significant opportunities to scale up our product and business.”

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Alastair Williamson, CEO Wyld Networks
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Email: alastair.williamson@wyldnetworks.com

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