New sustainable index for XACT Nordic High Dividend Low Volatility

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Xact Kapitalförvaltning is changing the fund rules for XACT Nordic High Dividend Low Volatility (UCITS ETF).

The fund will continue to invest in a combination of the highest yielding and least volatile single stocks but will change to an index which also includes sustainability requirements for the pre-defined universe of the index. This does not result in any substantial change to the fund’s investment policy or risk profile.

The new index excludes companies that violate international norms and conventions with regard to the environment, social issues and corporate governance. It also excludes companies involved in weapons banned under international law as well as companies involved in nuclear weapons. In addition, the fund takes a restrictive position to coal.

For detailed information, refer to the Information Brochure as well as the fund’s new sustainability profile, which is available at and in conjunction with the change.

Current Index:
Handelsbanken Nordic Smart Beta Index

New Index:
Handelsbanken Nordic High Dividend Low Volatility Criteria Index (SEK)

The fund rules have been approved by the Swedish financial supervisory authority and the fund rules, fact sheet and information brochure will be available on June 27 2018 at and

For further information, please contact:
Pär Nürnberg, CEO Xact Kapitalförvaltning AB, +46 8 – 701 34 05

Past returns are no guarantee of future returns. Investments made in mutual funds can rise or fall in value, and it is not certain that you will get back all the amount you have invested. A fully detailed brochure with fund regulations and current price performance can be found under the respective funds. Xact assumes no responsibility for any errors in the information.

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