Xena announces first 800GE TGA

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Scandinavian vendor of Ethernet Traffic Generation and Analysis (TGA) solutions starts beta testing industry’s first test solution for 800Gbps Ethernet based on new 112Gbps SerDes.

Copenhagen, June 04, 2021 – Xena Networks today announced the first units of their new 112Gbps SerDes-based 800 Gigabit Ethernet test modules – known as “Freya” – will ship in June to early adopters as the company prepares to roll out the new range of high-speed Ethernet test modules over the coming months.

“Being first to market with an 800GE test solution is a proud moment for Xena,” acknowledges Jacob Nielsen, CEO of Xena Networks. “In addition to being a great business opportunity for Xena, it is also a significant technical achievement for our development team.”

­The demand for video streaming and the growth of data centers are two key factors driving the demand for even faster Ethernet speeds.

“The current top speed of 400Gbps was only launched a couple of years ago, but there is already massive interest in the Ethernet Consortium’s standard for the new 800Gbps and 1.6 Terabit per second speeds now being worked on,” explains Jacob Nielsen. “Our customers can use Freya to validate the conformance, performance and integrity of any networking devices and semiconductors designed to run 800G Ethernet before they reach the market.”

Xena was able to speed up the development of Freya thanks to design architecture decisions such as choosing the Versal Premium FPGA from Xilinx, Inc., with its native 112 Gbps PAM4 SerDes integration. This eliminated the need for separate PHY-chips, giving Xena more design flexibility and a faster development cycle.

“We congratulate the team at Xena for delivering its world-class 800­GE TGA solution to enable numerous critical testing methodologies and ensure overall device integrity,” said Manuel Uhm, director of Silicon Marketing, Xilinx. “With Xilinx’s leading Versal ACAP portfolio that blends the flexibility of an FPGA along with the power and performance benefits by using hardened logic for key infrastructure on the device, we are pleased to see its successful deployment within Xena’s Freya test modules.”

“Thanks to key architectural and technology choices we made with Freya, we’re looking forward to rapidly enabling the full functionality of the test modules during the second half of 2021,” confirms Jacob Nielsen. “We also anticipate additional positive benefits such as improved margin on the Signal Integrity, further enabling reliable operation on DAC cables, full Auto-Negotiation & Link Training protocol support up to 800Gbps and improved visibility into the signal integrity of the received data.”

Xena has an 800GE evaluation program which customers can learn more about here: https://xenanetworks.com/800g-ethernet-pam4/


Based in Scandinavia, Xena has been developing Ethernet test solutions that deliver industry-leading price/performance, ease of use, and the best automation options for over a decade. These award-winning solutions enable customers to perform performance benchmarking, QoS validation, quality assurance and production line turn-up testing, for their successive generations of switches, network interface cards, gateways, wireless links, rugged switch devices, transmission optics, and Ethernet networks.

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